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Kokshetau-1 (former transcription rate up to 1993 – Kokchetav-1) (kaz. Kokshetau-1 stations, Latin – kaz. Kökşetau-1 stansiasy) – a railway station and the main railway station complex of Kazakhstan Railways, located in the city of Kokshetau, the administrative center of the Akmola region in Kazakhstan.Named for the city in which it is located. Located at st. Vladimir Vernadsky, building 1. The station is located 1.3 km north-east of the city center. The Kokshetau-1 station appeared in 1922 in connection with the construction of the Petropavlovsk-Kokshetau railway (at that time the city still had the name Kokchetav). The distance to Nur-Sultan is 296 km.The current station building was erected in 1981 on the site of the old station (1949), this is the third building since the station opened in 1922. The station serves both passenger and freight traffic. Is the main station of the Akmola branch of railway transportation.Story Arrival of the first train to Kokshetau from Petropavlovsk, June 2, 1922The history of the railway in Kokchetav (the former name of Kokshetau) began in 1917. The lack of a railway and transport links with large industrial regions of Russia hindered the development of the city’s economy. On August 5, 1920, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin signed the Resolution of the Council of People’s Commissars of the RSFSR on the beginning of the construction of the Petrokok railway in the direction Petropavlovsk-Kokchetav… She was supposed to promote the development of a rich agricultural region.V.I. Lenin closely followed the progress of the construction of the road, gave it exceptional importance, called it a shock food railway line. The construction of the railway was completed in 1922, which became the „grain pipeline" for the European regions of the USSR.In 1926, traffic was opened on the Kokchetav – K. Borovoe line. The first large building of the Kokshetau station, 1952The first large station building was built according to the standard design of the Stalin era in 1949. In the 1960s. the Central Siberian highway passed through the city, which gave an outlet for virgin bread from the hinterland. The modern station building was built in 1981, replacing the old station. It entered service on August 10, 1981. The opening ceremony of the new railway station was attended by the 1st secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Kazakh SSR D.A.Kunaev. The arrival of the train was announced with a special horn, and the arriving trains were checked with a lantern.The station has been electrified since 1984. The Kokshetau-1 railway station is a large junction point, allowing a large number of people per day who move both within the country and abroad. 4 branches of the railways pass through the city.Today, trains depart from Kokshetau-1 in all directions across Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan, Karaganda, Petropavlovsk, Almaty, Kyzylorda, Shymkent, etc.) and suburban routes, as well as with many major cities of Russia and Belarus. Kokshetau handles forty-seven passenger trains per day, including two branded trains.DescriptionThe Kokshetau-1 station plays the role of a gateway to the city, is an important town-forming link in the system of structural ties of the city. The three-level volume of the building, rectangular in plan, will be stretched along the railway track.The basis of the architectural composition of the facades is the uniform rhythm of the pylons supporting the flat roof, highlighted by a clear strip of wide cornice and a patterned frieze of anodized aluminum. The plane of the stained-glass glazing over the entire height of the volume creates a transparent enclosing surface.station SquareRailway station square closes st. Abai from the east side. At the station Kokshetau square there are:14-meter bronze sculptural composition „Mother’s Blessing" (Latin – Kazakh. Ananyń aq tіlegі) – the monument was opened on October 24, 2001.Clock tower. In the volumetric-spatial composition of the station square, an important role is played by the vertical of the stele with a clock at the top, installed near the station building on the axis of the entrance to the square.Train movementSuburban serviceLong-distance travelNeighboring stationsKokshetau-2 (located in the suburbs) (Code 687103)Chaglinka (Code 687207)Train stationAll services, including ticket offices, work around the clock and non-stop, on days without a break and on holidays. This is a unique modern light building, which has all the conditions for a comfortable stay of travelers.There is an information board next to the checkout hall where you can track the arrival and departure of trains. The station has a warm waiting room with a children’s room. There are lockers, a buffet, a cafeteria, rooms. There are small shops near the station building, and there is also a fenced-off parking lot.


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