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Mikhail Fedorovich Olenev (November 4, 1907-1953) – Soviet architect and artist. Lecturer at the Moscow Institute of Architecture.BiographyBorn in Moscow, the son of the master of artistic glass processing Fyodor Ivanovich Olenev (1870 – 1943). Studied at VKHUTEIN under A. A. Vesnin (together with other students took part in the development of the project of the Palace of of the Vesnin brothers), then in graduate school at the All-Union Academy of Architecture under G. P. Golts. He worked in the workshop of Golts’s teacher – I. V. Zholtovsky.The author of the projects of the Velozavodsky market (1932, together with Yu. S. Grinevitsky), the pavilion of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements ?? Soviet Socialist Republic" (1938, rebuilt by him in the early 1950s, dismantled in 1966), the Pantheon of Partisans of the Great Patriotic War (1943), the administrative and residential building of the Tire Plant on Sharikopodshipnikovskaya Street (1951-1953), etc. The overwhelming majority of Olenev’s projects were not implemented or did not survive, much remained in the sketches. Analyzing Olenev’s sketches, KG Zaitsev singled out the poetry of their form and content and noted that "in some sketch proposals the influence of the folk traditions of Russian wooden architecture and in the field of small forms is noticeable". In addition, he is the author of a series of projects for chandeliers and table lamps.Memories of contemporariesFor many years he taught at the design department of the Moscow Architectural Institute, among the students of M.F. Olenev were architects V.S.Kubasov, G.A. Balashova, as well as director G.N. Danelia."There were two masters in our group – Yuri Nikolaevich Sheverdyaev and Mikhail Fedorovich Olenev. Sheverdyaev – an elegant, athletic, leading architect – was very busy and did not come here often. And Olenev – modest, like a village teacher – was with us all the time.Mikhail Fedorovich Olenev was very sick, and we tried not to keep him for a long time at our stretchers so that he would not get tired. But he still stayed up late with us every time – he got carried away. He put tracing paper on the drawing, took his favorite soft collet pencil „Kohinoor 6B", thought, and then he used tracing paper to make a draft … And then he drew something funny near the building for scale: a bearded old man on a scooter, a fireman on a swing, a poster stand, on which the dog lifted its leg … Mikhail Fedorovich died. The coffin stood at the institute, in a large empty room. There was a picture of Mikhail Fedorovich on the wall: an open window, an earthen pot on the windowsill, a flower in a pot, a flat sky outside the window. Everything is mean and simple … But there, outside the window, there was so much air and so much joy that I cried. „– Danelia G.N. Stowaway: small stories, tales of a filmmaker. – M.: Eksmo, 2005. – ISBN 5-699-12714-3


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