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All types of wall panels on the market today have many positive features. They usually look impressive, do not require special during installation, and reliably protect the rough base from . But each specific sample has its own both positive and negative features. These indicators depend on the raw materials used to make the . The qualities of the most requested options are described below.1. The qualities of wood wall panelsCurrently, wood panels are rarely used. You should not confuse them with ordinary clapboard – here we are talking about a material that has a much wider width, at least 20 cm. Such products are not very popular due to their high cost, as well as high maintenance requirements.But if the owner settles on this type of wall panels, he will receive a presentable cladding with excellent environmental parameters and a high level of insulation.2. The qualities of veneered wall panelsThis is a kind of cheap replacement for wooden panels. Such a sample is not made entirely from natural wood, but on the basis of technical OSB or MDF boards. On the front side, the technical board is covered with wood veneer, which makes this product outwardly indistinguishable from wood panels.The insulating parameters of the material are also excellent, it looks presentable. But his environmental friendliness is lower, and he needs careful care no less than wooden . In addition, both options already considered have low moisture resistance indicators.3. The qualities of laminated wall panelsThe main difference of the product is that it is coated with melamine resin on the front side. Other polymer-type compounds for external processing are also used. The laminated panel has excellent wear resistance and strength, it can have a wide variety of finishing decor. It is not necessary to paint and varnish such samples. Their moisture resistance is higher, but still this indicator cannot be called ideal.Not all is well with the ecological parameters of the product. Indeed, in its manufacture, artificial components were used, and the protective layer does not allow air to pass through.4. The qualities of plastic wall panelsFinally, polyvinyl chloride wall panels are especially popular now. They are also called plastic or vinyl. It is an inexpensive material with excellent moisture resistance properties. It is very easy to clean from emerging dirt, it is great for installation in the bathroom.The disadvantages of the sample are low environmental friendliness, air tightness, and modest temperature resistance. Still, when heated, PVC wall panels are easily deformed.Source:


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