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„Trakhtemirov" (ukr. Trakhtemir_v) is a regional landscape park located on the territory of Myronivsky district (Kiev region) and Kanevsky district (Cherkasy region) (Ukraine).Area – 10,711.2 hectares.StoryRegional Landscape Park was created by the decision of the Kiev regional council of February 17, 2000 No. 16-10-XXSH and the decision of the Cherkasy regional council of February 26, 2000 No. 14-14, after the decision of the General fees of ATZT „Agrarian-ecological association" Trakhtemyrov „No. 14 of 11.10. 1999 year. On the territory of the regional park is located the previously created state historical and cultural reserve (area 590 hectares, created by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 01.07.1994 No. 446 and the decision of the committee dated 09.08.1994 No. 3).According to a survey of the park by the Zubr nature protection squad in 2014, the reserve regime is regularly in the park – hunting, riding on land and water transport, cutting trees, lighting fires and pollution with garbage.DescriptionThe nature conservation object was created with the aim of protecting the natural complexes of the forest-steppe and objects of historical and cultural heritage on the right bank of the Dnieper (Kanev reservoir). The park occupies the Trakhtemirovsky peninsula and is located on the territory of the Malobukrinsky and Grushevsky village councils, in the extreme northeast of the Mironovsky district, and the Grigorovsky village council, in the far north of the Kanevsky district. On the territory of the Mironovsky district, the park occupies squares 1-3, 7-11, 22-48 of the . The hunting farm on the territory of the Kanevsky district is assigned to ATZT „AEO" Trakhtemyrov „, by the decision of the Cherkasy regional council" About changes to the cloudy for the sake of 05.06.1997 No. 12-5 " the consolidation of hunting grounds.) In the period 2000-2014, the park on the territory of the Cherkasy region was a closed-type hunting farm, now admission is free.On the territory of the park, namely the historical and cultural reserve, there are 81 archaeological, 9 historical and 9 natural monuments, including the Scythian settlement, the hetman’s capital, the city of the times of Kievan Rus Zarub (Zarubintsy) and the ruins of the Trakhtemyriv monastery.The nearest settlement Camashki, Maly Bukrin, Veliky Bukrin – villages on the territory of the park in the Kiev region, Trakhtemyrov, Lukovitsa, Grigorovka – in the Cherkasy region; the cities of Kanev and Rzhishchev.NatureThe landscape of the park is represented by the elevated right bank of the Dnieper, dissected by ravines and ravines.The vegetation is represented by meadow-steppe and forest formations. Broad-leaved forests are represented by the dominant oak and pine, to a lesser extent hornbeam, and there are also species such as elm, aspen, ash, maple, birch, acacia, willow, alder. To fix the springs, pseudo-acacia robinia (white acacia), common pine, smooth elm, common oak, red oak, heart-leaved linden, tree caragana (yellow acacia) were planted. The forests in the park are planted by humans (anthropogenic origin) and are less than 50 years old. The park has small areas of swampy alder forests and on the heights of zonal meadow steppes. Meadow steppes are represented by the dominant species of feather grass, sheep fescue, narrow-legged narrow-legged and others.Species included in the Red Book of Ukraineː ermine, badger, otter, Podolsk mole rat; white-tailed eagle, eagle owl, gray crane, red-breasted goose; common copperhead; steppe rack; swallowtail, podalirium, lucina, bluebill daphnis, motley summer, four-point bear, brilliant abia, giant scolia, giant bumpkin, stag beetle.


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