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Taizhou Huangyan Migao Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in plastic beer box molds, and have a certain reputation in the commodity plastic mold industry. Plastic beer grate has beautiful, light weight, non-slip, non-slip, impact resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, air permeability, and water impermeability. As the most commonly used storage and transportation tool for daily beer beverages, beer crates are widely used.
Our Services
1.Migao Mould will send to client the mould processing report each 7 days(with mould pictures during mould tooling and processing).
2.Migao Mould will provide you detailed product and mould 3D design (igs,stp,solidworks etc.)
3.Migao mould will send two shots free samples for client checking.
4.Migao mould will send client the mould testing and assembling report.
5.Before shipment,each mould will have one hour testing for client to check the mould running status till molds can work stably.
The following is the mold information for your reference
1銆丮old steel:718 or customer specified
2銆丮old manufacturing time: About 45 days
3銆丮old surface treatment: Mirror polish / Texture surface
4銆両njection system:Hot runner
5銆丒jection system: Ejection block
6銆丆ycle time: 80 seconds
7銆丮old life: More than 500,000 molds
We have a professional team to help you solve product problems and provide comprehensive solutions. We offer 24 hours service, please feel free to contact us.
Q: What can you buy from us?
A: All kinds of injection molds including beer box injection molds,Household Storage Mould ,Plastic Trash Can Mould,Baby products mould,Plastic Pallet Mould,Folding Box Mould and etc.
Q: How many people are there in your design department?
A: We have more than 20 professional mold designers, all of whom have at least 5 years of mold 3D design experience.
Q: How do you make our mold demand plan come true?
A: We will implement step by step according to the following design and production steps:
Product Design鈥斺€攎ould 3D design鈥斺€擯repare mold steel鈥斺€擟NC milling鈥斺€擟NC engraving and milling鈥斺€擶ire-electrode cutting鈥斺€擡DM鈥斺€擠rill鈥斺€擯olish鈥斺€擳est mold鈥斺€擠elivery of samples鈥斺€擲hipment.
Q: What kind of after-sales service do you have?
A: Before the mold is shipped, we will equip customers with some common wearing parts according to the proportion.
After shipment, we will provide customers with a one-year mold warranty.
We will provide customers with lifelong mold maintenance advice services.Customized Plastic Beer Box Mould


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