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Welded 锛?/2鈥?48鈥?DN12-DN1200)
Standra:ASME B16.9,HT/T21631,MSS SP-43,DIN2605,JISB2313
Thickness: SCH5-XXS
Grade: TP304L,TP316L,TP310S,TP904L,DEPLEX 2205 ,2507,S31803

Why steel equal tee need to solid solution?
Explain:Solid solution treatment of steel equal tee can improve the plasticity and toughness of steel and alloy, ready for precipitation hardening treatment.Fully dissolve all phases of stainless steel alloy, strengthen the solid solution of stainless steel, and improve the toughness and corrosion resistance, stress relief and softening, in order to continue processing or molding.
Austenitic stainless steel in the temperature range of 400鈩儈850鈩? there will be high chromium carbide precipitation, when the chromium content falls below the limit of corrosion resistance, there is grain boundary poor chromium, will produce intergranular corrosion, serious can become powder.So the austenitic stainless steel with intergranular corrosion tendency should be treated with solid solution heat treatment or stabilization.
Solid solution heat treatment: the austenitic stainless steel is heated to about 1100鈩? so that the carbide phase is completely or basically dissolved, the carbon is dissolved in the austenitic, and then rapidly cooled to room temperature, so that the carbon reaches the susulate state.This heat treatment method is solid solution heat treatment.
Rapid cooling in solid solution heat treatment seems to resemble the quenching of ordinary steel, but the 'quenching' is different from the quenching of ordinary steel in that the former is softened and the latter is hardened.The latter is heated at different temperatures for different hardness, but not to 1100鈩?
In order to maintain the inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, steel must contain more than 12% chromium.Where welding is required.The lower carbon content minimizes the precipitation of carbides in the heat-affected zone near the weld, which may lead to intergranular corrosion (weld erosion) of the stainless steel in some environments.
304 stainless steel rusting reason: chloride ions are widespread, such as salt/sweat/seawater/sea breeze/soil and so on.In the presence of chloride ions in the environment, stainless steel corrosion faster than even ordinary mild steel.
There are requirements for the use of stainless steel environment, and often need to wipe, remove dust, keep clean and dry.The alloy elements do not dissolve into the matrix, resulting in low alloy content and poor corrosion resistance.
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