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Under Sink Alkaline Ionized Water Filter by Chanson
An under counter stainless steel smart digital faucet 7 plates water ionizer. The new sensitive smartphone touch panel allows you to easily select the water level of your choice. The unit comes with a stylish designed faucet head which will provide your kitchen the elegant look that y颅颅颅颅颅颅颅颅our friends and family can only wish for.
鈼?nbsp;Quick Details
- Model number: VS-A705
- Use: Under sink
- Power(W): 150
- Place of origin: Taiwan
- Brand name: Chanson Water
- Certification: CE, EMC, RoHS, NSF/WQA
鈼?nbsp;Supply Ability
- 1000 Unit/Units per month
- Packaging details: 43*42*46cm (2 units in a carton)
- Port: Keelung, Taiwan
ItemUnder counter ionizer
Machine size
Unit 247/140/305(L/D/H/MM)
Display 60/20/95(L/D/H/MM)
Faucet 255/70/235(L/D/H/MM)
Drill hole 35mm diameter
Filter typeUltra filter
Weight5.5 kg
Plate7 nano technology titanium
PH rangePH 2.7 鈥?11.3
ORP rangeORP +900 TO -820
Temperature5 鈥?40 C
Water pressure8 鈥?90 PSI
Input230V/50Hz ; 110V/60Hz
Power5W 鈥?150W
鈼?nbsp;Stylish designed
鈼?nbsp;100% MIT (Made In Taiwan)
鈼?nbsp;The new touch sensitive smartphone panel
鈼?nbsp;Supports English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, and Chinese.
鈼?nbsp;Four-layer filter:
A FREE PJ-8000 filter is included. PJ-8000 is a four-layer filter consists of active carbon with silver, food grade calcium sulfite, KDF 55, and hollow fiber membrane.
鈼?nbsp; Radial Action De-Calcification (RAD) Self-cleaning System:
Automatic self-cleaning mechanism that will extend the life of the ionizer.
All you have to do is touch the control screen and select the type of water you want. The stainless steel faucet has a wonderful Smartphone-like display, allowing you to obtain alkaline and acidic alike streams of water at the sink.
鈼?nbsp;Mineral port:
Compartment to insert Himalayan salt to give your water the boost it needs to achieve the alkaline/acidic level that you want.
鈼?nbsp;Adjustable flow control valve:
To increase or decrease flow rate and water strength for best results and reach desired pH/ORP level whenever they want.
鈼?Auto turn off function:
Will turn off automatically at 20 minutes to prevent flooding arise from accident. Then, the machine can be restarted if needed.
NSF, CE, SGS certified
Q: Are you the manufacturer?
A: Yes, we are the manufacturer and we also offer OEM service.
Q: How long is the delivery time?
A: Production lead time is 3-4 weeks.
Q: What kinds of voltage does this product supports?
A: 110V~240V.
Q: Can you provide sample?
A: Yes, samples are available for purchase.
Q: How to contact CHANSON?
A: You can contact us at the phone (886-2-8511-2222) or fax (886-2-8511-0122) numbers, or visit our website to email us.
Q: Can the product replace the kitchen faucet?
A: No, it can鈥檛 replace your kitchen faucet. Never would you want to run hot water through a water ionizer.Under Counter 7 Plate Water Ionizer equipment


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