(Polish Edward Porębowicz; February 20, 1862, Warsaw – August 24, 1937, Lvov) – Polish novelist, poet, translator, literary critic, historian of Roman literature. Teacher, professor, doctor of sciences (since 1890). Rector of Lviv University (1924-1926). Member of the Polish Academy of Knowledge. Honorary Doctor of the University of Poznan (since 1932). Honorary Professor of Lviv University.BiographyStudied philosophy at the Jagiellonian University. Later, in the years 1880-1888, Germanic, Romance and Anglistic studies at the universities of Berlin, Munich, Montpellier, Barcelona and Florence. In 1932 he received his doctorate in Vienna. In 1896-1897 he studied at the Sorbonne and the College de France in Paris, where he conducted scientific research in the field of medieval literature.Since 1899 – professor at Lviv University, rector of the university from 1924 to 1926.After the First World War, he taught at the University of Warsaw.The first and head of the archives of the Lviv magistrate. Founded in 1906 the Society of Lovers of Lviv’s Past (Towarzystwo Milosników Przeszlości Lwowa). It was then that his monograph "Lviv City Hall" ("Ratusz lwowski") opened a new publishing series "Lviv Library" ("Biblioteka Lwowska"), later his other popular books about the life of the ancient city appeared there.Member of the Scientific Society in Warsaw and Lvov. During the period of penetration of modernism into Polish culture (Young Poland), he studied little-known European literature, in particular, medieval French and Italian literature, Spanish baroque literature, had a significant impact on the cultural life of Polish society.Author of monographs: St. Francis of Assisi (1899), Dante (1906), Studies in the History of Medieval Literature (1904), The New Beauty of the Middle Ages (1916), a number of works on Polish literature: Jan Andrzej Morsztyn, Representative of the Baroque in Polish Poetry „(1893)," Sebastian Grabowiecki and His Views „(1894)," Polish Poetry of the New Age „( Diary, 1902). Co-author of the encyclopedic History of World Literature (vols. 1-4, 1880-1897) and Great World Literature (vols. 1-5, 1930-1933).He was engaged in translations of folk songs of the Celts, Germans, Romance authors, published in anthologies in 1909, published „Anthology of Provencal Literature", „Selected Poetry of Troubadours and Felibres of the XI-XIX centuries" (1887).In addition, he translated into Polish the Divine Comedy by A. Dante (1899-1906), the works of Shakespeare, Calderon, G. Byron, G. Leopardi.He was a full and honorary member of many scientific societies (including the Union of Polish Writers). In 1909, he became a full member of the Society for the Promotion of Polish Science.He died in Lvov and was buried at the Lychakiv cemetery.Son – Stefan Porembovich, .AwardsCommander’s Cross of the Order of the Renaissance of PolandCommander of the Order of the Crown of ItalyGolden Laurel Branch of the Polish Academy of Literature


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