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Thailand at the 2018 Winter Olympics was represented by 4 athletes in two skiing disciplines.Team composition SkiingNikola ZanonAlexia Shenkel Ski raceMark ChanglongKaren ChanglongCompetition resultsSki sports SkiingAthletes were qualified for the Olympic Games based on a special FIS qualification rating as of January 21, 2018. At the same time, the NOC for in the Olympic Games could choose only that athlete who entered the top 500 of the Olympic ranking in his discipline, and at the same time had a certain number of points, according to the qualification table. Countries that did not have participants among the top 500 athletes could only apply for category "B" quotas in technical disciplines. As a result of the qualifying selection, the team won 2 Olympic category B licenses. Men Women Ski raceAthletes were qualified for the based on a special FIS qualification rating as of January 21, 2018. To obtain a Category A Olympic license, athletes had to achieve a maximum of 100 points in the FIS distance . Moreover, each NOC can apply for the Games 1 man and 1 woman if they have met the qualification criterion „B", according to which they will be able to take part in the sprint and races of 10 km for women or 15 km for men. As a result of the qualification selection, the Thai national team won the men’s Olympic license in category „A" and women’s category „B". Men Distance Racing Sprint Women Distance Racing


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