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The saga of carl ( of Karl) is the twenty-first episode of the twenty-fourth season of the animated series The Simpsons. Released on May 19, 2013 in the USA on FOX.PlotBart and Lisa are fond of broadcasting „Ki-ya Karate-monsters." Fearing for the children, Marge takes them to the museum, but, to her disappointment, there is an exhibition of the show. In the museum, Homer watches a video featuring Blaise Pascal, where he talks about the likelihood of winning the lottery. Later, Homer, Moe, Lenny and Karl win the lottery and receive $ 200,000 in winnings. Karl goes to the bank to get the money, and the others are having a party. Soon they find out that Karl is missing and took the money.Homer, Moe and Lenny find out that Karl flew to Iceland, his home country. They fly to Reykjavik to take the money they won from him. The inhabitants of the city do not like Karl and his ancestors, because a thousand years ago, due to the cowardice of Karl’s ancestors, the barbarians attacked the country. Homer, Moe and Lenny find Carl and discover that he spent the money on a lost page from the saga. Karl hopes that it will be written here that his ancestors were brave warriors.Apart from Karl as his friend, Homer, Mo and Lenny take the page from him and want to destroy it, but they are persuaded by Marge, who called them on Skype. Friends learn Icelandic to read what is written on the page. They learn that Karl’s ancestors were even more cowardly than they seemed. Then they gather the Icelanders in the square and tell them about the good deeds that Karl has done for them. As a result, the residents of the city forgive Karl’s family and save their reputation. Karl makes peace with his friends.Instead of the pool, which Homer wanted to buy with some of the money he won, the latter uses half of the beer casks. However, he himself gets stuck in one of them.Interesting FactsWhen Lisa searches for information about Iceland, it is seen that she uses the English Wikipedia.Friends drive to Karl’s house in a Fjord Fjiesta (a parody of a Ford Fiesta).Homer uses the paradox of omnipotence to tell Lenny, "You can’t help but be able to!„.After the numbers are announced, Homer, Mo, Lenny and Karl raise their mugs and their hands are all yellow, even though Karl is African American.The attitude of critics and the publicAt the time of its premiere, the episode was viewed by about 4.01 million people aged 18-49 and received a rating of 1.9. Along with the episode „Dangers on a Train", he became the second most viewed (the first – „Family Guy", „Roads to Vegas" and „No Country Club for Old Men").Ratings from television critics have been positive. For example, Sullivan of The AV Club rated B- with the words: "This is not a very funny episode, but it’s nice that the characters got out of Springfield, and Icelandic music from Sigur Rós is a good replacement for old songs, which often sounded in the season. "


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