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„Unknown songs„- a collection of previously unreleased (at the time of the album’s release) of the" Kino „group, released in 1992 at the initiative of Marianna Tsoi on gramophone records by the St. Petersburg Recording Studio.About the albumThis album is a collection of previously unreleased recordings recorded by Viktor Tsoi at different times. The songs „In Search of a Plot", „Spring", „The Last Hero" were previously released in other on previous albums.The album was originally in two parts. So, the songs „Allow me", „Brotherly love", „You could … (Teenager)", „Love is not a joke" and „You got me around your finger" were recorded around the beginning of 1986 at Alexei Vishnya’s studio „Yanshiva Shela" for the album with the tentative title „Love is not a joke". It is noteworthy that these five songs were recorded together with the first versions of a number of songs, which were subsequently rerecorded and released on the „Blood Group" album. The record was supposed to be released in the spring of 1986, but Choi rejected the tape due to the poor sounding of hard compositions and the theme of the songs. The early versions of the songs "We will continue to act", "Try to sing with me", "Passer-by", "Close the door behind me, I’m leaving" and "Good night" were released as bonuses for the reissue of the albums "This is not love" and "Night »By Moroz Records in 1996.Tracks 6 through 10 are session recordings for the band’s alleged second album. These songs were recorded by Tsoi and Rybin in the fall of 1982 in the studio of the Maly Drama Theater together with drummer Valery Kirilov and sound engineer Andrey Kuskov. However, the musicians did not like the sound of the drums, and the session was abandoned. Tsoi took the tape with songs and, possibly, destroyed it (according to another version, Victor lost the tape in the Moscow metro). Fortunately, Kirilov was able to make a copy of the tape and helped publish the songs. The song „In Search of a Plot" in this recording is strangely cut off right before the chorus, and is only 58 seconds long. One curious case is connected with this: the fact is that while Kirilov was working on the films, his cat unwound and chewed as many as 11 meters of the tape. There was only one copy, so this original fragmentary version of the song had to be released. The bass guitar parts in these songs were added by the guitarist of the „Zoo" group Alexander Khrabunov.The collection was reissued on CD by Moroz Records in 1996. With this reissue, 5 previously unreleased songs, recorded at Alexei Didurov’s 1982 home New Year’s concert, were added as bonus tracks. All recordings were digitally remastered prior to re-release.The 1996 reissue of Moroz Records included a typo in the date (instead of 1992 – 1982). After the reissue, the inscription "Kino" appeared on the cover of the album instead of the inscription "Viktor Tsoi".Song ListThe author of all songs Viktor Tsoi, except those markedLet me … – 4:08Brotherly Love – 3:31Could You … (Teenager) – 3:39Love is not a joke – 5:10You put your finger on me – 2:57In Search of a Plot – 0:58Spring – 2:26The Last Hero – 2:39Around seven in the morning – 3:57Summer – 1:19includes 5 bonus tracks: I don’t like the city of Moscow – 3:47Winter is Coming Soon (song for BG) – 2:17Far, far away (Vladimir Zakharov, group „Chameleon Za") – 2:28 (Boris Grebenshchikov) – 3:38City Moth (Pavel Krusanov) – 2:54EditionsParticipants of the recording studio „Yanshiva" – tracks 1-5Viktor Tsoi – vocals, guitarYuri Kasparyan – guitarIgor Tikhomirov – bass guitarGeorgy Guryanov – drumsAlexey Vishnya – sound engineer studio of the Leningrad MDT – tracks 6-10Viktor Tsoi – vocals, guitarAlexey Rybin – guitarValery Kirilov – drumsEvgeny Voloshchuk – bass guitar (recorded on the second day along with additional parts of Rybin’s guitar. It does not sound on official publications, since the original for editions is a copy of Kirilov that survived from the first day of recording)Alexander Khrabunov – bass guitar, guitar (added during the restoration of the recording in 1991)Andrey Kuskov – sound engineer home recording – tracks 11-15Viktor Tsoi – vocals, guitarAlexey Rybin – guitar, vocalsAlexey Didurov – recording on a household tape recorder


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