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Elena Osipovna Likhacheva (1836 – 1904) – Russian writer and translator, of the society for promoting higher for women in St. Petersburg; wife of V.I. Likhachev.BiographyTogether with Anna Suvorina, with whom she had a close friendship, she translated and compiled a number of popular children’s books, in particular „A Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Jules Verne, with an article attached: „Sketch of the origin and development of the globe, with drawings of primitive plants and animals" ( SPb., 1865); in this article, which was based on the data obtained by the science of that time, the censorship saw signs of a „harmful influence" on children, and the circular in the Moscow educational district prohibited the purchase of the entire book for the libraries of state educational institutions.The collection „For Reading", published by friends, was very well received by the press;nihilistic„. Likhachev and Suvorin gave a rebuff to these groundless quibbles in their response to the publisher. „Contemporary Chronicle" („St. Petersburg Gazette", 1866, No. 123).Likhacheva’s fame was brought about by her work on the women’s issue (1869-1876):„News on women’s affairs in France and America" ​​(„Notes of the Fatherland", 1869, No. 10, and 1870, No. 1);„Women’s movement in our country and abroad" (ibid., 1870, no. 4),„Education of women from the point of view of positive philosophy" (ibid., No. 10),„Women in Modern Warfare" (ibid., 1871, no. 2),„Women’s Suffrage in England" (ibid., No. 6),?? on the Women’s Question" (ibid., 1873, No. 5),„The economic situation of women in France" (ibid., 1874, no. 1),„Proudhon’s posthumous work on women" (ibid., 1876, no. 2 and 3) and many others.EditionsShe translated and published several generally useful books, partly together with A. I. Suvorina;compiled an overview of the activities of four church reformers – Hus, Luther, Zwingli, Calvin (St. Petersburg, 1872);in recent years, Likhacheva worked on a major study „Materials for the history of female education in Russia" in four volumes (St. Petersburg: Type. M. M. Stasyulevich, 1890-1901), covering the period from 1086 to 1880.


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