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Enrico Butti (April 3, 1847, Viju – January 10, 1932) was an Italian sculptor and who worked mainly in Milan.StoryBorn into the family of a hereditary sculptor; his father, uncle, cousin and ancestors worked with marble. At the age of 14 (in 1861) he went to Milan, where he became an to the sculptor and teacher of the Brera Academy Pietro Magni, later worked as an apprentice with him, as well as with Francesco Barzaga, Hugo Zannoni and other masters; at first he lived in poverty. At the National Exhibition in Milan in 1872 he presented his first work, a marble sculpture by Raphael; two years later, his statue of Eleanor d’Este received critical acclaim. In 1879 he exhibited a tombstone for the Cavi-Bossi family in Brera, for which he an award from . For the subsequent exhibition, completed work on the sculpture „Time" for the tombstone of the Borji family, as well as the tombstones for the Guerrini and Galbiati families, symbolically depicting the bonds of brotherhood. These tombstones were installed in the Monumental Cemetery in Milan. A statue of a miner of his work (Il miniatore) was also exhibited in Brera, then was installed at the Düsseldorf cemetery. Among the public monuments he created, the most famous are the statue of General Sirti, installed in a public park in Milan, and the monument to Italian unity, created for the Vittoriano monument in Rome. In 1891 he created a tombstone for the funeral chapel of the Kasati family.From 1893 to 1913 he taught sculpture at the Brera Academy. In 1913, due to an exacerbation of pulmonary disease, he returned to Viju, where he lived until the end of his life and did not stop working. In 1926 he donated all of his plaster sculptures to Viju Municipality. From 1928 he took up painting. He died in his own villa, the park near which was later turned into a museum of his works according to the wishes of the deceased.


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