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Reconstruction is carried out in order for the building to receive a second life. Such work cannot be carried out without a special project. The area must first be explored. Under load, significant changes in the and topography of the site could occur during the operation of the building. Geological engineering surveys offered by EcoData on the website https://ekodata.ru/uslugi/ingenerno-geodezicheskie-iziskaniya/ will help to correctly assess the situation and draw up a project. It should be borne in mind that such work is carried out for reconstruction. All the rules that need to be observed in full measure are spelled out in the regulatory documents.Allocate complete, medium or small reconstruction in terms of the amount of work required. Small outbuildings and major overhauls of the facility are common work with minor restoration. It is not required to carry out geological surveys for such a reconstruction if the increase in the load on the base does not exceed ten percent. Small areas on which the object is located will need to be explored in the middle reconstruction.At the entire construction site, complex geological work will need to be carried out without fail if the reconstruction of the structure is planned to be significant, that is, the reconstruction will be large-scale.When carrying out pre-reconstruction engineering and geological surveys, increased attention is paid to the soil, which serves as a sub-base for the restored object. The lower structures also need to be and completely. It will be possible to significantly reduce the volume of activities if earlier surveys were carried out and archival documents on them were preserved, there are no deformations on the building. At the base of the nearby emergency buildings, the soil will need to be checked if such objects are present.During the construction and operation of the building, the landscape could change, unfavorable processes could intensify, the geological conditions could become different. You need to check this carefully. It is necessary to take into account that the load on the foundation most often increases after the reconstruction, as add-ons appear. If deformities are already present, it is necessary to determine the cause of their occurrence, so that in the future they appear again. If the construction has been frozen for a long time, the possibility of completion must be checked by examining the current state of the soil. If there are flooded underground structures, experts are working on this issue as well. They develop measures that can prevent further flooding.


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