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„Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" (German INRI) is a film by the German director Robert Wienet based on the novel of the same name by the Austrian writer Peter Rosegger.PlotIn the film, the gospel story is intertwined with a plot from modern life. In a certain country, some socialist kills the ruler for the good of the people. The court sentenced the murderer to death. The socialist rejects the priest and begins to tell the world a new word about Christ. The screen then depicts the traditional evangelical drama itself. The picture ends with the criminal joining the kingdom of forgiveness and love.About the filmIn most of the currently available copies of the film, the framing story of the revolutionary (approximately 40 minutes of timing) is absent, only the biblical narrative itself remains, which is not very different from the original source, but with peculiarly placed accents. So, in the picture there are no Gospel miracles, but the theme of the revolutionary struggle is a cross-cutting theme: the dreams of the Israelites to overthrow the power of Rome, which comes into irresistible contradiction with the mission of Christ, by no means striving to become the desired political leader.According to some reports, when staging certain scenes, the director deliberately copied elements inherent in religious painting (for example, lighting inherent in Rembrandt’s paintings).CastGrigory Khmara – Jesus ChristHenny Porten – the Virgin MaryAsta Nielsen – Mary MagdaleneWerner Kraus – Pontius PilateAlexander Granach – Judas IscariotTheodore Becker – roman officerEmmanuel Reicher – Caiaphas, the high priestMaria KryzhanovskayaPolikarp Pavlov – jailerHans Twardowski – JohnErnst Dernburg – chairman of the courtElsa Wagner – mother


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