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For the summer residence of the Dalai Lamas in Lhasa see Norbulingka.Norbulingka Institute (English Norbulingka Institute) is an institute founded in 1988 by the Department of Religion and Culture of the Government of Tibet in Exile in Sidhpur, near Dharamsala, India. The aim of the institute is to preserve the language and culture of Tibet. The Institute is chaired by the XIV Dalai Lama.DescriptionThe institute is named after the summer residence of the Dalai Lamas Norbulingka in Lhasa, Tibet, and the main building of the institute resembles the architecture of a palace in Lhasa.In 1754, the VII Dalai Lama founded the Norbulingka complex during the politically unstable situation in Tibet, organized the institutes of arts and sciences to ensure their continuous development. For the same purpose, the Norbulingka Institute in India was founded.The institute includes:Arts Center (Center for Arts),Academy of Tibetan Culture (Academy of Tibetan Culture),Literary and Research Center (Literary and Cultural Research Center)Library (Library and Publications).In 1995, the Norbulingka Foundation (Norbulingka Foundation), designed to preserve traditional arts, and especially handicrafts. The Institute operates two hotels. One is located on the territory of the institute, the second is in McLeod Ganj, next to the residence of the Dalai Lama.The Institute’s Arts Center teaches Tibetan statue making, tanka drawing, applique and dressmaking, woodcarving and other crafts. The Academy of Tibetan Culture, opened in October 1997, provides a six-year higher education course in Tibetology, including the study of subjects such as philosophy, poetry and literature, English, world history, art history, and related contemporary research. Tibetan prayer flags (lungi). Norbulingka Institute.There is a two-story temple on the territory of the Norbulingka Institute Seat of happiness temple (Deden Tsuglakhang), built in 1985 among Japanese-style gardens. It is famous for having 1,173 murals with images of Buddha, frescoes depicting all the Dalai Lamas and chronicles of the life of the XIV Dalai Lama. In the of the temple there is a four-meter gilded copper statue of Buddha Shakyamuni, made by the institute sculptor Pemba Dorje (Pemba dorje).Around the temple are workshops of artisans and apprentices who create various products that can be purchased at the souvenir shop or exhibition hall of the Norbulingka Institute. The proceeds from the sale are distributed for the benefit of the Tibetan refugees.In the Museum of Puppets of the Institute (Losel Doll Museum) there is a diorama depicting scenes from Tibetan life using small dolls in traditional costumes.Not far from the institute there is a women’s Buddhist monastery Dolma Ling (Dolma ling) and Gyuto Monastery, the temporary residence of the 17th Trinley Dorje.


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