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The of the Mother of God (Polish. Matka Boża Kodeńska) – a revered image of the Virgin, located in the former town of Koden on the Bug, Poland. The image is in the Baroque style and is a pictorial representation of the sculpture of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Extremadura by Sister Bernadette from the Order of the Carmelites on a 223 x 128 cm board.StoryAccording to legend, the original image of the Mother of God, which is now in Extremadura, was carved from wood by the holy Evangelist Luke. In the first centuries of Christianity, she was transported to Constantinople, where she was seen by the representative of the Pope at the court, the Benedictine monk Gregory Anicius. Later becoming Pope Gregory I, he transported the figure to Rome. There the statue was seen by Leander of Seville, who begged the Pope to give the statue to him and it to Spain, where it is to this day. Dad asked to make a copy for himself. This icon remained in Rome until the 17th century.The ruler of the city of Kodnya, the royal nobleman Nikolai Piy Sapega, nicknamed „The Devout", in 1629 began the construction of a stone church on the main square of the city. While working at 42, he was paralyzed. On the advice of his wife, he went to Rome to pray for his recovery. There he was received by Pope Urban VIII, who celebrated Mass in his private chapel. Sapega was healed, and he certainly wanted to have an image that gave him healing. Pope rejected his request, which is why Sapega decided to steal.On September 15, 1631, the image arrived at Kodeni, and the angry Pope excommunicated Sapega from the Church. In 1636, after a penitential pilgrimage to Rome, the anathema was lifted, and the image remained in Codena.In 1723 the image was crowned (see Crowned Icons).After the January Uprising, Kodeni lost its city status, churches in the former town were abolished, and the icon was transported to Czestochowa on Jasna Gora, where it was in the Heart of Jesus chapel for 52 years. On September 3, 1927, the image was returned to its old place, where it is now located.


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