Steel pipes are one of the most demanded types of rolled metal products used in industry. There are several modifications of pipes, differing in and scope. Large-diameter steel pipes are in high demand, which are necessary for arranging gas and water pipelines, as well as for pumping gases.What are large diameter pipes: what falls into this categoryLarge-diameter pipes include products with an outer dimension of more than 53 cm. Steel products remain in the first place in popularity for a long time. Less commonly, polypropylene pipes are purchased. Depending on the characteristics, large diameter pipes are classified as follows:• longitudinal seam;
• spiral welded;
• seamless.Tubular rolled products with a seam are produced by the method of electric arc welding. All large-diameter pipes are manufactured in the factory using the best technologies and materials, taking into account the requirements of GOST.What parameters of products should be considered when buyingWhen buying large-diameter pipes, requirements are made for the following characteristics:1. Outside diameter. It is necessary for a general assessment of the dimensions of the – the pipeline. Taking into account the diameter, you can determine the required volume of paint, insulating materials and other consumables.
2. Inner diameter. This parameter must be known for correct hydraulic calculations.
3. Wall thickness. The value must be known to calculate the strength, permissible mechanical and point loads on the pipeline.
4. Nominal diameter. One of the main characteristics of the range taken into account when calculating the cost of rolled products.Large diameter steel pipes are available in thin-walled, standard and thick-walled. KISWEL seamless steel pipes and electrodes are a priori more expensive due to sophisticated production technology, as well as improved performance – the ability to work under high internal pressure.
According to GOST, fluctuations in wall thickness in the manufacture of large-diameter pipes are permissible, therefore this characteristic is not so important when choosing. The exception will be the installation of complex communications with strict requirements. The INOXTRADE brand always indicates detailed characteristics of pipes, so it will not be difficult to choose the necessary rolled products in their line.


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