Interton VC 4000 – 8-bit of the second generation, released by the German company Interton in 1978 at a price of about 300 DM. It is the only console designed and manufactured entirely in Germany.StoryThe VC 4000 was developed back in 1974, but was released only 4 years later. Before her, Interton in the mid-1970s released several licensed Pong consoles, like the Atari Pong – for example, the Interton 3001. It was not popular outside of Germany. The release of the console stopped in 1983.The set-top box used an 8-bit Signetics 2650A as the main processor and an additional (Video controller) Signetics 2636. Two non-removable controllers with 14 buttons and an analog joystick were used as an input device. On the console itself, there were 4 more buttons – an on / off button, a reset button, as well as select and start buttons. Games came out on cartridges.Other companies have released several clones of the set-top box: for example, Grundig has created a Grundig Superplay Computer 4000 set-top box that is fully compatible with the VC 4000. Other clones include Haminex HMG 7900, Radofin 1292, Audiosonic 1292.During the short life of VC 4000, 37 of the 40 planned games were released to it. Game titles have always started with „Cassette" and a number such as „Cassette 17 – Circus". Cartridges 34, 35 and 39 remained unreleased. All were designed and published by Interton itself.There are several that allow you to run VC 4000 games on modern computers – Emulator2001 (Windows), WinArcadia (Windows), 2001 (DOS), AmiArcadia (versions for AmigaOS and MorphOS) and (GNU / Linux, Mac OS X, DOS, Windows, RISC OS, Solaris, and others).List of games


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