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Thomas Kidd (eng. Thomas Kidd; b. 1955) is an American illustrator in the design of science fiction and fantasy books. Works under his own name, as well as under the pseudonyms Gnemo and Newell Convers. Lives in New Milford (USA).At the beginning of his career he copied the works of other authors, then began to introduce original elements into his works. Over time, he shifted the emphasis in his work to the depiction of fictitious images, in connection with which he categorically refused offers to work in genres that assumed a real depiction of reality.Many works are filled with specific humor, which is by careful study of the .For two years he studied at Syracuse University (USA, New York State), but did not receive a completed education.Moved to New York.Has created covers for Baen Books, Random House, DAW Books, Warner Books, Doubleday, Ballantine Books, Marvel Comics, Tor Books, and more. The Three Musketeers (1998, William Morrow), The War of the Worlds (2001, Harper Collins).He designed the covers of more than 100 books, including Russian authors („The Mission of a Stranger", S. Yakimov 1998).Published two books of his own works: The Tom Kidd Sketchbook (1990, Tundra) and Kiddography: The Art & Life of Tom Kidd (2006, Paper Tiger).Awarded the World Fantasy Award (Best Artist, 2004) to Tom and seven Chesley Awards.He worked for the film industry, created designs for theme parks, entertainment products, and developed a variety of concepts for Walt Disney, Rhythm & Hues, Universal Studios, and others.Works are displayed at The Delaware Art Museum, The Society of Illustrators, Science Fiction Museum & Hall of Fame.


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