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Inder mountains – a hill on the border of modern Atyrau and West Kazakhstan regions of Kazakhstan. From the north and northeast, the mountains are bordered by the native salt lake Inder. They in the middle of the Caspian lowland, which lies below sea level. In addition to the Inder Mountains, the Big Bogdo and Small Bogdo uplands stand out in the northern Caspian region. Earlier, apparently, they were the islands of the retreating Caspian Sea. The maximum height is 150 m above sea level, above the level of the – 64.4 m.Over an area of ​​several tens of kilometers, the Inder Mountains expose tiers of variegated marls and clays, the formation of the Jurassic, Cretaceous and Tertiary periods, as well as the sediments, which are widespread in hundreds of kilometers around.CharacteristicBack in the days of the Russian Empire, geologists made repeated attempts to find coal in the mountains, but they were unsuccessful. The flora of the Inder Mountains is especially rich and diverse. The mountains have a very unusual topography. They are cut by deep gaps, in which snow remains in the middle of sultry semi-deserts even in summer. Therefore, along with the plants characteristic of the sultry Aral-Caspian steppe, in the gaps there are species characteristic only of regions with a more temperate climate (rose hips, various mosses, ferns) and a number of very rare species: Ixiolirion pallasii, Leontice vesicaria, stevenii, Fritillaria karelinii, Dodartia orientalis and others (Karelin). All this taken together, as well as the proximity of the even more interesting Indersky salt lake, has led to a significant number of visits by scientists-travelers to this area.


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