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Alexander Mikhailovich (Anshel Moiseevich) Orlikov (1919-1945) – Soviet officer, participant of the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union.BiographyBorn in 1919 in the city of Odessa in a working class family. Jew. He graduated from 7 classes and in 1937 – from the FZU school. He worked as a mechanic at the plant named after the January Uprising.The Kaganovichsky district military registration and enlistment office of the city of Odessa, Ukrainian SSR, was into the Red Army in 1939. In the battles of the Great Patriotic War since July 1941. He took part in the battles near Kiev. Was injured. After being cured in a hospital, in 1943 he graduated from the Pushkin Tank School. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1943.Tank company, 3rd Tank Battalion, 44th Guards Tank Brigade (11th Guards Tank Corps, 1st Guards Tank Army, 1st Belorussian Front) under the command of Senior Lieutenant Orlikov’s Guards in battles January 14-21, 1945 , acting in the head marching outpost of the forward detachment, making its way to the Pilitsa river, knocked down the enemy outpost the approaches to the river and with a rapid dash reached the southern bank of the river. Reconnaissance discovered that the crossings in the Nove Miasto sector and to the south had been blown up, and also established an enemy defense system on the northern bank of the river.Due to the fact that the ice on the river was not very strong, the engineer units had to start building the bridge. Guard Senior Lieutenant Orlikov, without waiting for the guidance of the crossing, was the first to ford the Pilitsa River. Others followed. Having crossed the river, the tankmen swiftly moved their vehicles to the aid of the submachine gunners who had seized a small foothold earlier. Despite the fact that the Nazis possessed of forces, the machine gunners and tankmen of Orlikov held the bridgehead until the main forces of the brigade approached.He was the first to break into the village of Leczyca (Lenhonice, Poland).Killed in action on March 2, 1945. Buried in Berlin.AwardsBy the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of February 27, 1945, for courage, courage and heroism shown in the fight against the German fascist invaders, the Guard Senior Lieutenant Alexander Mikhailovich Orlikov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.He was awarded the Order of Lenin, two Orders of the Red Star.MemorySecondary school № 57 in the Hero City Odessa, where the future Hero studied, and the nearby lane bear his name.


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