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Strumigenys heliani (lat.) – a species of small from the subfamily Myrmicinae.SpreadingMadagascar.DescriptionSmall secretive ants (about 2.5 mm long) with a cordate head posteriorly. Shoulder angles of pronotum and mesonotum without protruding hairs. The head is covered with extended spoon-shaped hairs. The apical fork of the mandibles consists of 2 teeth, two preapical teeth are located nearby (head length HL 0.53-0.56 mm, head width HW 0.61-0.63 mm, mandibular index MI 42-47). Antennae 6-segmented. Included in the species group S. arnoldi-group together with close view (tribe Dacetini). The main color is orange-brown. Mandibles long, narrow (with several teeth). The eyes are located within the antennal grooves-grooves, ventro-lateral. The mandibular palp is 1-segmented; the mandibular palp consists of 1 segment ( 1.1). The stalk between the breast and the abdomen consists of two segments: the petiolus and the postpetiolus (the latter is clearly separated from the abdomen), the sting is developed, the pupae are naked (without a cocoon). Specialized collembola hunters. The species was first described in 2000 by the American myrmecologist Brian Fisher (Brian L. Fisher, Department of Entomology, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA, USA).


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