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Juan Curuminas y Vigno (Joan Coromines) (March 21, 1905, Barcelona – January 2, 1997, Pineda de Mar, Maresme region) – Spanish Catalan linguist who made a significant contribution to the study of Catalan, Spanish and other ​​of the Iberian Peninsula.Born into a family of a municipal politician. He showed interest in linguistics at an early age, studied at the Faculty of Philosophy and Linguistics at the University of Barcelona, ​​completing his studies with additional courses at universities in different European cities. At the same time, he was imbued with pro-Salon beliefs for life. In 1930 he joined the Institute for Catalan Studies, a year later he defended his doctoral dissertation. He was forced to emigrate from Spain during the Civil War of 1936-1939, for some time he wandered around different countries and eventually took a professorship at the University of Chicago in 1948.Later, João Curuminas returned to Catalonia and until the end of his life worked on dictionaries and Onomasticon.During his lifetime, he was several times awarded various awards from the Spanish government, despite the far from towards Catalonia, the Catalan language and Catalanism on the part of Madrid.He a hypothesis about the existence of the so-called sorotaptic language (an Indo-European language in Iberia that existed before the arrival of the Celts).In honor of Kuruminas, in April 2006, the University of Chicago opened the João Kuruminas Chair of Catalan Studies (cat. Càtedra Joan Coromines d’Estudis Catalans).Main works:The Complete Etymological Dictionary of the Catalan Language (cat. Diccionari etimològic i complementari de la llengua catalana), which explores the origins of most words in modern Catalan.„Onomasticon of Catalonia" (lat. Onomasticon Cataloniae), documenting all the toponyms and hydronyms in the territories of the Catalan-speaking population.„An etymological dictionary of the ambiguities of the Spanish language in Spain and other countries" (Spanish. Diccionario Crítico Etimólogico Castellano y Hispánico).Buried in the Montjuïc cemetery (cat. Cementiri de Montjuïc) in Barcelona.


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