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Online fees are often mistrustful, so people in trouble try to post as many details and documents as possible. This is often used by scammers.Secret informationFraudsters are especially attracted by card details. And then, instead of money, problems may appear. In addition, there are data set errors. As a result, funds go to the wrong place. It is possible to return the transfer to an individual, but it is quite troublesome. In addition, the sender and the person in need of assistance may not be aware of a typo or carelessness.The best way to raise money for personal needs or for charity is through certified online sites.Advantages:transfer without details;all data is encrypted, which protects both the recipient and the sender;you can connect one or several cards to the profile.To use such a service, you need to register on the site and link a card to your profile. The next step is to create a Goal. There are no restrictions. It is allowed to collect funds both for personal needs and to help other people and organizations. Write in detail about the reasons and objectives of the procedure, indicate the required amount. You can make a fixed amount of one .You can send a link to the payment form through any service – social networks, instant messengers, mail. The sender will only need to enter his card details and confirm the transfer. The money will come to the account that will be selected for the formation of the goal.Safe technologiesThe work of certified electronic payment services is based on . The data is processed in encrypted form and is not stored anywhere. In addition, a special system quickly detects suspicious transactions and blocks suspicious payments.Recommendations:choose portals with a license from the Central Bank and a certificate of systems;place a link on open resources;do not enter a large or too small payment amount – this may frighten off or the person will send only ten rubles.New technologies are making fundraising easier and safer. Protect yourself and your payers from intruders. I would like to believe that no one will need to raise money for their own needs. But just in case, you should look at the site, where safe algorithms are described in detail.


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