Khramn (between 520 and 540 – December 560, Vannes, Brittany) – King of the Franks from the Merovingian dynasty who ruled in 555-560 in Aquitaine.The name Temple in Frankish means „Crow"…BiographyTemple becomes kingTemple was the son of King Chlothar I and Hunzina.In 555, Theodebald died and his kingdom fell under the rule of Clothar I, who married his widow Vuldetrade. In addition to possessions in Australasia, he received a number of cities in Aquitaine, such as Clermont, Javol, Le Puy, Cahors, Limoges, Albi, Rodez, Lodeve, Oz, Bourges and some others. It was these cities that Clotar put in control of his son Temple, giving him royal powers and the corresponding title. He, in order to enter into the formal rights of ownership of these lands, following the German custom, went around the new possessions.Temple in AuvergneTemple, while in Clermont, according to Gregory of Tours, committed many reckless acts. He did not like the one who could give him good and useful advice, but loved only the insignificant, immoral young people whom he gathered around him; he listened to their advice and ordered them to abduct daughters from senators by force. He removed the count of the city of Firmin, and put Sallust in his place. Fearing reprisals against himself, Firmin took refuge with his mother-in-law in the church, but was deceived from there and captured. Although they managed to escape from custody, their property was transferred to the treasury.Khramn also intervened in church affairs, harboring hatred for the Bishop of Clermont Cautin, he built various intrigues for that. The fierce instigator of the Temple for bad deeds, according to Gregory of Tours, was a certain Leo from Poitiers, who was distinguished by insatiable greed and ferocity. Although this Leo was soon paralyzed and died suddenly, another adviser at the Temple, a citizen of Clermont Ascovind, who was distinguished „in all goodness", who tried to keep him from bad behavior by force, did not succeed. For his evil actions, according to his contemporaries, he was punished by God’s command with a grave illness, so that his hair fell out on his head from a strong fever. For the king of the Merovingian dynasty, hair loss was a heavy blow, because these kings, unlike the rest of the Franks, did not cut their hair from the day they were born, and it was in the length of their hair that a sign of royal dignity lay. It turned out that the Lord himself turned away from him and deprived him of his kingship and his favor. But even this divine sign did not return him to the right path.Temple enters into an alliance with Childebert I, directed against his fatherMeanwhile, due to the fact that King Clotar, having captured the entire kingdom of Theodebald, did not share anything with Childebert between the brothers, a strong enmity arose. At the instigation of Childebert, the Saxons invaded the domain of Clothar and ravaged everything as far as the city of Deutz. Temple, leaving Clermont, came to Poitiers and occupied it, despite the of the Duke of Austrapius. There he lived in luxury and, seduced by the advice of ill-wishers, he decided to go over to the side of his uncle Childebert, plotting intrigues against his father. Then they, through secret ambassadors, swore allegiance to each other and unanimously conspired against Clotar. Chramnos, having entered this union, returned to Limoges and subjugated those lands in his father’s kingdom, which he had previously traveled, to his power. Thus, Chramnos created his own state, which later received the name – „The First Aquitaine Kingdom". Part of the Aquitanian nobility did not fail to seize the opportunity and oppose the Franks, joining the Temple.Clotar sent his sons Charibert and Guntramn against the Temple. When they passed through Clermont, they learned that the Temple was in Limoges. They reached the mountain called Black, and there they found him. Having set up their tents, they camped opposite him and sent an embassy to him to tell him to return his father’s possessions, which he had not rightfully captured, otherwise let him prepare for battle. And since Khramn pretended that he was submissive to his father, and said: „I cannot give up all the areas that I have traveled, and with the gracious consent of my father, I would like to leave them under my rule.", then they demanded that this dispute be resolved by battle. When both troops, armed, set out and converged for battle, a storm suddenly arose, accompanied by bright lightning and thunder, and prevented them from fighting. But, returning to the camp, Khramn, in an insidious way, through a foreigner, informed the brothers about the imaginary death of his father (just at that time Clotar was waging a war with the Saxons). Frightened by this message, they returned with great haste to Burgundy. The Temple went after them with an army, reached the city of Shalon, besieged it and captured it. Then he camped at the fortress of Dijon. However, he did not manage to take this fortress. And Childebert, who also received false news about the death of Clotar, captured Rheims Champagne and reached Rheims itself. Khramn personally came to Paris, where he entered into an alliance of loyalty and love with Childebert and swore that he was the worst enemy of his father.Execution of the TempleIn 558, Childebert died, leaving no heirs, and Clotar took possession of his kingdom, thus uniting the entire Frankish state under his rule. Having lost an ally, Khramn made peace with his father, but soon broke his loyalty to him. In addition, the Temple’s relations with his father-in-law, Viliakhar, deteriorated to such an extent that Beliahar was forced, together with his wife, to hide from him in the of St. Martin in Tours, and due to the fault of this Beliahar, this basilica burned down.Pursued by Chlothar, Templen went to Brittany and took refuge there with his wife and children at the of Honober. In 560, Clotar made a campaign in Brittany. The temple with the Bretons marched against him, but were defeated and put to flight. Honoober fell in battle. Temple fled to the sea, where he had ships ready, but was overtaken by the soldiers of his father, captured and bound. Clotar ordered to burn him along with his wife and children. They were locked up in some poor man’s hut; there Khramn was thrown onto a bench and strangled with a handkerchief. Then the hut caught fire. So in December 560 Khramn died with his wife and daughters.


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