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„Peter the First and the Second" (in the sources of his time, „Peter the First and the Second" in accordance with Church Slavonic morphology) – the first rank 1 stop-off battleship in the history of the Russian fleet, built at the of the St. Petersburg Admiralty in 1723-1727.ConstructionThe ship’s design was personally designed by Peter the Great. Fedosey Sklyaev helped Peter the Great in the development of drawings and painting of the ship.The ship was laid down on the slipway in 1723. Peter personally supervised the construction of the ship until his death. The ship’s apprentices Palchikov and Karlsbom helped the tsar in the construction of the ship.After Peter’s death, a conflict arose between Fedosey Moiseevich Sklyaev and the Admiralty Board regarding the completion of this „sovereign" ship. The essence of the conflict was that the Admiralty Board initially entrusted the Englishman Richard Brown with the leadership of the completion of the construction. This caused an energetic protest from all domestic shipbuilders fostered by Peter, who believed that only Russian people should finish building the ship. As the chief designer and custodian of the royal drawings, Sklyaev refused to hand them over to Brown and achieved Catherine I’s decision to complete the ship under the collective leadership of Russian shipbuilders headed by himself.ServiceThe ship „Peter the First and the Second" took part in the fleet maneuvers at Krasnaya Gorka in 1729.From May to August 1732 and from May to August 1736 he was on the Kronstadt roadstead in teaching the crew to sail.He took part in the hostilities of the Russian Baltic Fleet near Danzig in 1734. Was the flagship of the when on May 15, under the flag of Admiral T. Gordon, he left Kronstadt and headed for Danzig.On May 26, together with the squadron at Pillau, he covered the unloading from the transports of siege artillery, then, as part of the squadron, he cruised at Pillau, blocking Danzig from the sea.After the surrender of the fortress (June 13) „Peter the First and Second" with a squadron left for Revel, and on July 2 arrived in Kronstadt.It was damaged during a thunderstorm on September 23, 1736 (lightning struck the mainmast, causing a fire). I never went out to sea again.By the decision of the Admiralty Board, after August 19, 1744, he was put into a floating dock to preserve the memory of Peter the Great.Disassembled for dilapidation in 1752.CommandersI. A. Brant (1728-1729)J. Vogel (1732)R. Litel (1734)Peter Defromeri (1736).


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