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„Mary Poppins Returns" (English Mary Poppins Comes Back) is the second book by Pamela Travers about Mary Poppins. Written in 1935.Table of contentsThere are 10 chapters in the book, and each of them contains a separate story, which together are connected to each other only by common characters.Serpent (= Kite =) (English The Kite)Miss Andrew’s Lark (= Miss Andrew’s Lark =)Tough day (= Bad Wednesday =) (English Bad Wednesday)Inside out (English Topsy-Turvy)Another (eng. The New One)Robertson Ey’s story (English Robertson Ay’s Story)Parade alle (English The Evening Out)The ball is the ball of strife (English Balloons and Balloons)Nelly-Rubina (English Nellie-Rubina)Carousel (English Merry-go-round)PlotThe kite launched by Jane, Michael and the Park Keeper miraculously transformed … into Mary Poppins. She, as always, appeared out of nowhere and completely unexpectedly. So beautiful and strict, attentive and neat.Characters (edit)Mary Poppins – the main character of the book. Serious, strict, prim lady, governess of Jane and Michael Banks. Despite her outward severity and even pedantry, she is not devoid of imagination, irony, kindness, spontaneity and magic.Jane Caroline Banks – a girl of about 8 years old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Banks. Polite, curious, sometimes even proud, but kind and attentive.Michael George Banks – Jane’s younger brother, a boy of about 6 years old. Cheerful, mischievous, noisy child, sweet tooth. Not devoid of curiosity and sometimes even touching.John and Barbie Banks – Twins. One of the youngest children in the family. They are cheerful and pugnacious, but very kind and caring.Annabel Banks Is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Banks. At the time of the book’s validity, she is about several months old.Mr. George Banks – dad of Jane, Michael, Gemini and Annabel. Employee of the bank. A strict person, although sometimes he is in a very cheerful and excited mood.Mrs. Banks – mom of Jane, Michael, Gemini and Annabel. Housewife. She loves cleanliness, order, her children and her husband. She also adores Mary Poppins, but sometimes envies her.Mrs Clara Brill – the cook of the Banks family. Dislikes Mary Poppins.Elin – the maid of the Banks family. She loves it when children look „like from a shop window."Robertson Hey – family worker. Mr. Banks dislikes him. Sometimes he helps neighbors, but more often because of overwork he sleeps anywhere.Miss Euphemia Andrew – a old lady. Former of the father of the family. A woman with a hooked nose in a felt hat with a veil. Arrogant, rude, strict lady. Has Caruso the lark. She him in a cage, for which Mary Poppins punished her by miraculously thrusting her into the cage and, with the help of Caruso, doing a with her in the air. Miss Andrew then went away, completely changed.F. Smith – a park keeper, an extremely impatient and „correct" person. When he is scolded or surprised, he laments: „I was never lucky, even when I was a boy" or „I have never seen anything like this since I was a boy." He loves order in everything and always wants to write a report to the Lord Mayor on Mary Poppins. Despite this, he is very fond of children and flying a kite.Old lady – an elderly saleswoman of balloons on which the names of those who bought them are written. A sly but wise little old woman with a face like a walnut.Neley – marble statue of a boy with a Dolphin. Merry son of the sea king, friend of Mary Poppins. Revived (with the help of Mary Poppins) statue. Likes to read books behind the backs of people, knows by heart „Alice in Wonderland", „Everything a True Lady should know", almost all „Robinson Crusoe" and „Funny Pictures".Carousel – friend of Mary Poppins. Powered by carousel.Screen adaptations„Mary Poppins, Goodbye" is a 1983 Soviet feature film based on a script by Vladimir Valutsky, directed by Leonid Kvinikhidze at the Mosfilm studio. Natalia Andreichenko as Mary Poppins.Mary Poppins Returns is an American feature film directed by Rob Marshall, produced by Disney. At the box office since December 19, 2018, in Russia since January 3, 2019. Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins.


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