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Busbar bending systems are produced to

facilitate bending busbars for switch boards and switch gears manufacturers these systems

are present in 4 types:
    1-Manual busbar bending tools
    2-Hydraulic busbar bending tools
    3- Simple hydraulic busbar bending machines.
    4-Professional busbar bending machines.
    At Manual tools operator should bend busbar via hand force and it is suitable just for

small size if busbars, it could bend busbars at normal axis and measurement is possible

just with operator eyes . repeatability and accuracy depends on operator skills.
    At hydraulic busbar bending tool, We have some condition for accuracy and repeatability

but operator needs low force for doing job. This type is suitable for sites or places that

electricity is not available and for small jobs.
    ple hydraulic busbar bending machines are a

good choice for small shops or factories that need bending busbar in normal axis away.

Measurement of angles are by mechanical or digital angel indicators. Mostly they have “V”

type head that cause two lines behind of busbar after bending they don’t calculate spring

back and operator should consider and compensate this fault at bending process.
    Professional busbar bending machines are suitable for Professional usurers.Bending head

is powered with two routable plates to prevent any damage at surface of bus bar after

bending. It has high technology angel measurement system that calculate spring back (spring

back compensation system) and final bends adapt to desired angel with high accuracy. That’

s why at, switch gears geowy we are faced to various types of bending requirements this

machine should response to most of them.
    Edge bending mold:
    At switch gears some time designer needs to bend busbars from edge especially at

electrical keys they need more space for connection’s and edge bending allow them to have

enough space. Edge bending mold is a good solvation for this purpose and installable at

professional busbar bending machine

s head. It should keep two main surface of busbar to prevent any bulge at surfaces.
    Step Mold:
    In some drawing designers need two closed bends in bus bar and it is not possible to do

job with normal head, in these cases step mold bend two bending in one step and result is

    Twist bending mold:
    In some case direction of busbar connections are not in the same directions and mostly

operators have to use several pieces of busbars. So by twist bending Mold it is possible to

twist busbar up to go degree.
    Mold for short legs bens:
    This mold allow operator to bends too closed to end of busbars.
    CNC Busbar Bending

, Cutting & Punching Machine。
    The Busbar Bending-Cutting-Punching Machine comprises of 3 stations, namely- Bending,

Cutting, and punching station. These stations carry out the operations required to produce

the busbar.
    Working Principle Of Bus Bar Bending Machine
    At the bending station, the bend is formed on the raw material as per the required

dimension. The tool used for bending is unhardened & ungrounded. The operation of cutting

is performed at the cutting station. The workpiece is being cut into the desired length

with the help of a hardened & grounded HCHCr Blade. The punching station forces the tool to

create a hole by shearing. It consists of one suitable die & punch.
    Features Of Busbar Bending, Cutting & Punching Machine
    The busbar bending cutting punching machine is a highly versatile and a compact

machine. Main drive motor powers the entire machine. The

busbar processing

is equipped with special tools at its bending station. This bending tool is

hardened and carries the operations at a speed of 5mm/sec. On the other hand, busbar

cutting machine boasts of having the oil capacity of about 75 liters that also contain a

gauge stopper. Punching operation is performed by the busbar punching machine at a speed of

13 strokes per minute. A separate foot switch for every station allows user to individually

control the operation of the respective stations.


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