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Striped bonito is a common economical fish. It is also calls belted bonito, oriental bonito. The Striped Bonito can be confused with the Skipjack, striped bonito (5 or 6 oblique dark stripes on upper back) but skipjack (dark stripes on belly).
This fish is usually in the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Temperate and tropical regions. Fishermen often catch them by longline fishing or gillnet.
Ordering Information
Scientific NameSarda Orientalis
Freeze typeIQF (Individual Quick Freeze)/ BQF(Block Quick Freeze)
Freeze placeOn Factory(Land frozen)/ On Board锛圫ea frozen锛?/p>
Size1-1.5kg,1.5-2kg,2kg up /pc
Glazing rate0%,5%,etc.
Shelf lifeAfter production date ,24Months keep at or below -18鈩?/p>
Frozen striped bonito is rich in trace elements, fatty acids and essential amino acids. People always use them for roasting, smoking or making steak then steaming with sauce. The highest quality can be used as sashimi in Japanese cuisine.
Quality Inspection
Caharbor provides quality guaranteed seafood only. Our quality control staff QC will defrost the frozen striped bonito and check its quality again. Their daily inspect works through smelling and observing the color of the gills, cutting the meat and checking whether there are fish eggs inside, etc.
Processing details
Usually it's boat freezing, which means that alive striped bonito be frozen under - 18 鈩?directly on board. The sea frozen products quality are nice, but the size are mixed because the boat working is busy when landing big quantity, it limited workers have no enough time to select size like factory does.
The other one is frozen on factory. The histidine content in striped bonito is relatively high. When it is caught without freshness and processing, the bacteria will convert histidine in the fish into histamine. The histamine standard for bonito is 鈮?0mg/100g. When we catch this kind of fish in the fishing port, we will pay attention to the treatment, keep it fresh and delivery it to the factory asap. Before processing, we will carry out the content test on it and meet the export safety standard before shipment.
Q1: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are both factory and trading. Manufacturer processing main products like frozen mackerel, sardine鈥ith the requirements of our customer鈥榮 market锛寃e have expand more products like scallops, clams鈥?So we are based on factory also to be trading gradually.
Q2: There are many similar companies, why choose you?
A: Bulk purchasing material for raw and processed in own production line. Make sure you get the best offer, stable quality, fast delivery and after sale tracking. Stock material first instead of getting orders. That we are stable supplier for long-term cooperate. Professional processing over 30 years, cheaper labor, competitive products.
Q3: Shall we pay Extra Cost for OEM service?
A: There are quantity requirement for the OEM service for different product. If the quantity meet this requirement then is totally free.Wholesale Bonito


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