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Daniel August Haraldsson – solo artist and of the groups GusGus, Nýdönsk and Esja. In 1989 he participated in Eurovision, with the song „Það sem enginn sér", subsequently finishing in 22nd place.BiographyDaniel August Haraldsson was born on August 26, 1969 in Stockholm, Sweden. Subsequently he moved to Denmark, and then to Iceland.Has contributed to the release of 5 albums with Nýdönsk, founded at the time of his college education, all of which were well received by critics and widely recognized in his homeland. After that, he released an album with the electronic rock band Bubbleflies.According to the results of the Icelandic Music Awards 1993, he was recognized as the singer of the year.Around this time, Daniel began performing in National and Municipal Theaters, playing roles in musicals such as West Side Story, Jesus Christ Superstar (Pontius Pilate) and Stone Free. Directors Arnie and Kinski invited him to star in the short film Nautn. It was from this moment that Daniel founded GusGus in 1995 (with Kinski). GusGus has become Daniel’s most commercially successful music project to date, selling over 300,000 records and touring around the world.In 2000, Daniel temporarily left GusGus to pursue a solo career, as well as writing music for television and documentaries, and composing music for the Iceland Dance company.His first solo album, Swallowed a Star, was released on One Little Indian in Europe (2005) and North America (2006).Throughout the time leading up to his first solo album, Daniel actively participated in the 2005 Venice Biennale, representing Iceland. This included acting, co-directing and editing the film, and overseeing its soundtrack.Daniel’s second solo album, The Drift, was released in 2011.Return to GusGusDaniel returned to GusGus in 2007, and was featured on all subsequent albums.Discography GusGusForever (2007)24/7 (2009)Arabian Horse (2011)Mexico (2014)Lies Are More Flexible (2017) AlbumsSwallowed a Star (2005)The Drift (2011) Singles / Mini AlbumsIf You Leave Me Now (2005)Það Sem Enginn Sér / No One Knows (1989)The Moss (2007) Guest ArtistFilur Feat. Daniel August * – Welding Love (2010)


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