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Diuris (lat.Diuris) is a genus of herbaceous plants of the Orchid family (Orchidaceae) common in Australia; includes more than 50 types.NameThe scientific name of the genus comes from ancient Greek. δίζυξ – „double" and ουρος – „tail", in the form of two lateral sepals in plants.AreaThe species of the genus are distributed almost throughout Australia and Tasmania, with the exception of one species endemic to the island of Timor.Botanical descriptionRepresentatives of this genus are perennial herbaceous terrestrial plants. In some species, the can grow up to 1 meter. During the dry season, the leaves droop and wilt. New leaves emerge from the underground tuber.Flowers range from a few millimeters to 6 centimeters, but are small in most species. Some are fragrant, others odorless. The color is varied, from lemon, yellow, orange or brown to pink, white or purple. The petals of some species may be speckled. Two side petals are oval and elongated. The dorsal lobe forms the hood of the column. In all species, the lip is three-lobed, the side petals form wings.The flowering period is from July to November. Pollinated by small bees, but can also be pollinated by flies and beetles.The fruit is a drop-down capsule containing from 30 to 500 seeds. The seeds ripen within a few weeks.KindsAccording to database information The plant list, the genus includes 75 species:Diuris abbreviata F. Muell. ex Benth.Diuris aequalis F. Muell. ex Fitzg.Diuris alba R.Br.Diuris amplissima DLJonesDiuris arenaria DLJonesDiuris aurea Sm.Diuris basaltica DLJonesDiuris behrii Schltdl. Fitzg.Diuris brevifolia RSRogersDiuris brevissima Fitzg. ex NichollsDiuris brumalis DLJonesDiuris byronensis DLJonesDiuris callitrophila DLJonesDiuris carinata Lindl.Diuris chrysantha DLJones & MAClem.Diuris chryseopsis DLJonesDiuris concinna DLJonesDiuris conspicillata DLJonesDiuris corymbosa Lindl.Diuris cuneata Fitzg.Diuris curta DLJonesDiuris curvifolia Lindl.Diuris disposita DLJonesDiuris drummondii Lindl.Diuris eborensis DLJonesDiuris eburnea DLJonesDiuris emarginata R.Br.Diuris exitela DLJonesDiuris × fastidiosa RSRogersDiuris filifolia Lindl.Diuris flavescens DLJonesDiuris fragrantissima DLJones & MAClem.Diuris fryana Ridl.Diuris fucosa DLJonesDiuris gregaria DLJonesDiuris heberlei DLJonesDiuris immaculata DLJonesDiuris laevis Fitzg. Lindl.Diuris laxiflora Lindl.Diuris longifolia R.Br.Diuris luteola DLJones & B. GrayDiuris maculata Sm.Diuris magnifica DLJonesDiuris micrantha DLJonesDiuris monticola DLJonesDiuris × nebulosa DLJonesDiuris nigromontana DLJonesDiuris ochroma DLJonesDiuris oporina DLJonesDiuris orientis DLJonesDiuris × palachila RSRogersDiuris palustris Lindl.Diuris pardina Lindl.Diuris parvipetala (Dockrill) DLJones & MAClem.Diuris pedunculata R.Br.Diuris picta J. Drumm.Diuris platichila Fitzg.Diuris × polymorpha MessmerDiuris praecox DLJonesDiuris protena DLJonesDiuris pulchella DLJonesDiuris punctata Sm.Diuris purdiei dielsDiuris recurva DLJonesDiuris secundiflora Fitzg.Diuris semilunulata MessmerDiuris setacea R.Br.Diuris striata ruppDiuris subalpina DLJonesDiuris sulphurea R.Br.Diuris tricolor Fitzg.Diuris unica DLJonesDiuris venosa ruppThere are several more undescribed species or with a controversial classification.HybridsDiuris × fastidiosa RSRogers 1927 (D. lanceolata × D. palustris)Diuris × nebulosa DLJones 1991 (D. aurea × D. punctata)Diuris × palachila RSRogers 1907 (D. behrii × D. pardina)Diuris × polymorpha Messmer in HMRRupp, 1944 (D. lanceolata × D. platichila)


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