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(acèh. Wikipèdia bahsa Acèh) – Wikipedia section in Aceh. As of August 2011, it contains 1530 articles, ranked 192nd in terms of the number of articles among all sections of and in seventh place in terms of the number of articles among Wikipedias in Indonesian languages. Started its work on August 12, 2009.StoryAceh Wikipedia started its work in August 2009. The creation of the Aceh Wikipedia was inspired by the Wikipedia sections in other Indonesian languages ​​- Indonesian, Javanese, Sundanese, and Banyumasan. An important role in the opening of the Aceh section was played by Fadli Idris (Ind. Fadli Idris), the coordinator of the Aceh Bloggers Community (Ind. Komunitas Blogger Aceh), who submitted an application for the opening of the section in 2008, and Australian linguist Mark Durie, who contributed great contribution to the study of the Acekh language.In the same year, Abi Akzia (Ind. Abi Azkia), a teacher of from Lamlo (Pidi district, Aceh province), who made a great contribution to articles on Islamic topics, began working at Aceh Wikipedia. According to Akzia, the Acekh Wikipedia is still facing certain difficulties in development, the main ones being the low level of knowledge of the Acekh people of their native language, as well as the lack of a single version of the Acekh alphabet. Nevertheless, according to Akzia, the Acekh section of Wikipedia should continue to in order to preserve and popularize the Acekh language and culture.Interesting FactsThe local community adopted a rule according to which it is forbidden to illustrate articles in the Acekh Wikipedia with images of women, with the exception of the image of only a woman’s face or palm. This limitation is based on the Sharia law, which the Muslims-Acekhs zealously adhere to. Therefore, in order to use the image of a woman in an article, it is cropped on the Aceh Wikipedia.


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