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Sergey Barbarez (Bosn. Sergej Barbarez; b. September 17, 1971, Mostar, SFRY) – Yugoslavian and Bosnian footballer.BiographyAs a child, Barbarez and basketball to football, but in 1984 he joined the FC Velezh children’s team. In 1990, he first appeared in its main line-up. But immediately after the contract, he left to serve in the army.On New Year’s holidays in 1992, the 20 went to stay with his uncle in Germany, who agreed that the young footballer would be screened in the second Bundesliga club „Hannover 96". Barbarez was very impressed with the Hanoverians, and they signed a contract with him.In 1993, Barbarez moved to the third league club „Union". He went to the second Bundesliga twice in a row, but the NSF refused to raise him both times. The club was unable to keep its leaders and they left. also left.In 1996, he finally started playing in the first Bundesliga – for Hansa. It was in „Hansa" that Barbarez began to play as a striker.In 1998 he moved to Borussia from Dortmund. But Sergei did not really play there, and in 2000 he was sold to Hamburg.The time spent at Hamburg was the best in Barbarez’s career: in the first season he scored 22 goals for the club. In total, Sergei scored 72 goals for the northerners.In 2006, Barbarez left to play out for Bayer 04. There he set a record, becoming the foreigner who played the most matches in the Bundesliga – 323. In the same year he retired.On January 27, 2009 he was elected a member of the Supervisory Board of FC Hamburg. But on May 30, 2010, after Barbarez did not become the club’s sports director, he left the club.AchievementsHamburgGerman League Cup Winner: 2003PersonalBundesliga top scorer – 2001The best footballer of Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2001, 2003Best Athlete of Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2001, 2003


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