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The bedspread is one of those unique decoration items that can turn an ordinary bed or a room as a whole into a very stylish room. It is quite simple to choose a bedspread for the bedroom for the interior, if you follow the basic rules for combining colors and follow a general understanding of style.Types of bedspreads in the bedroomThis textile combines a decorative and a practical function; it is often used as a blanket during a day’s rest, if the thing is well-sewn, from natural material. The bedspread can be purely decorative, simply giving the room coziness and beauty, but such a choice is made infrequently, preferring still functionality. Someone finds a ready-made version of what they wanted. Others order from their own sketch or trust the master’s sense of style, if a model is needed based on ethnic motives or with national patterns. Often, prints of famous paintings and landscapes are to fabric.
Most often, a custom made bedspread is chosen for custom-made furniture or for non-standard shapes, for example, an oval berth.The of fabrics, sewing techniques and density also pleases.KnittedWhen about how to choose the color of the in the bedroom, you can go in two ways: observe the unity of shades or deliberately turn this interior detail into a bright accent. And it is knitted things that provide the greatest number of options. You can choose a yarn and place an order with a master, knit it yourself, or choose a ready-made model. There is also an excellent solution – to take the drawing you like as a basis, but change the color scheme when ordering so that it better fits the overall design concept of the room, especially since the plasticity of the material allows you to create real masterpieces of any size and shape.QuiltedTo figure out how to choose a bedspread for a bed in a bedroom, you need to know exactly the dimensions, and also determine what kind of tolerance in length and width is possible, since the compacted material cannot be laid in beautiful folds. It will only look good when carefully flattened.
They can be one-sided and two-sided. The second option was created for those who like to occasionally refresh the interior, changing the image of the bedroom with one movement of the hand. A set consisting of curtains and bedspreads with a single print or one shade looks great.The material for sewing is most often cotton, linen, satin, jacquard, velor, velvet. As a filler, artificial stuffing made of polyester fiber, wool, plant fibers are used.Bedspread-coverVery interesting and functional look. Designed for a classic bed, possibly from expensive wood, which itself can serve as an interior decoration. The peculiarity is that the model has no allowances, but imitates a cover, tucking under the mattress or holding on to the surface using a special wide elastic band sewn into the edges. It is necessary to choose it strictly in size. The material needs a fairly dense, well-kept in shape and does not wrinkle.How to choose fashionable bedspreads in the bedroom for the interior of the roomWhen you want to create a warm and cozy interior, you can’t do without textiles. At the same time, the owners of the premises often seek to link fashion trends with their own ideas about a stylish bedroom. Textile items can create an appropriate atmosphere. It often depends on them what the room will be like. For the result to please, there are a few key points to consider.It is recommended to use muted colors and shades that have a calming effect. Aggressive „acidic" colors will eventually cause subconscious irritation, unless, of course, the owner of the room is a teenager during a period of hormonal rebellion.It’s a good idea to consider the side the windows face. The northern direction requires warmer tones such as beige, sand, dark red in all variations, brown. For the south, where it is quite hot in summer, neutral or refreshing blue, turquoise, green, white are perfect.An excellent design move is to change the model depending on the season, choosing the appropriate prints and base shades.When determining the options for what color to choose the bedspread in the bedroom, it is necessary to take into account the shade of the walls. At the same time, it is worth remembering that if the wallpaper is with a contrasting pattern, then the textiles should be monochromatic so that there is no visual overload with small details.A few years ago, a single color scheme of curtains and bedspreads was considered chic. Now the emphasis is on texture, that is, a relatively heavy bedspread corresponds to dense curtains.The material must be safe for health. Preference is given to products made from natural fabrics.Benefits of bespoke bedspreadsIf you do not want to purchase a serial production item, then there is only one way out – to order, specifying your preferences, sizes, or choosing a sample from the catalog. At the same time, you can combine seemingly incongruous fabrics and shades, and the result is an exclusive item that reflects the inner world of the owner.
Ideas on how to choose a bedspread for the bedroom can be gleaned from fashion magazines or guided by your own preferences. Also, there are no restrictions on the size, thickness of the padding, if we are talking about quilted models.When ordering, time is significantly saved on searching for a product for a sofa or bed of a non-standard shape, you can accurately select the shade of fabric for pillows and curtains. The unity of style is also of great importance. So, with individual tailoring, you can get the thing of your dreams, for example, in a romantic style, with a lot of ruffles and frills, or a strict functional model, but with an unusual print or hand embroidery.The cost of sewing bedspreadsPrice calculation will be individual. It depends on the base fabric, type of manufacture, size and sewing complexity. The presence of zippers, loops, hooks and other decorative elements will also serve as a reason for an increase in the cost of the order. Models are sewn from a single piece of fabric and a la patchwork. Knitted in cost will also vary significantly, depending on the material, the complexity of the pattern and the size.Nevertheless, these costs are quickly paid off by the stylish look of the room and the amazing coziness that a custom-made bedspread gives it.


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