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EventsFebruary 1 – In Copenhagen, Carl Nielsen conducts the premiere of his Symphony No. 4 „The Unstoppable"February 11 – first concert of the Baltimore Symphony OrchestraApril 28 – Edison Records conducts first public „comparison test" of live and recorded voice at Carnegie Hall with soprano Marie RappoldApril – S. Prokofiev completed the 1st edition of the opera The Gambler on his own libretto in RussianJune 5 – Stein’s Dixie Jass Band play their first live in Chicago under a new name, Original Dixieland Jass BandSydney Conservatory of Music admits first studentsKing Wilhelm II of Württemberg awarded soprano Hedy Iracema-Brügelmann with the Charlotte Cross.German soprano Wally von der Osten married German tenor Fritz Windgassen.Hits„’O Sole Mio" by Enrico Caruso„Santa Lucia" by Enrico Caruso„Somewhere a Voice is Calling" by John McCormack„Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night?" Al Jolson„I Love A Piano" in Spanish. Billy Murray„Pretty Baby" in Spanish. Billy Murray„I’m Gonna Make Hay While the Sun Shines in Virginia" in Spanish. Marion HarrisKeep the Home Fires Burning (’Till the Boys Comes Home) by James HarrisonThere’s A Long Long Trail A-Winding by James HarrisonIreland Must Be Heaven, For My Mother Came From There by Charles HarrisonClassical musicKurt Utterberg – Symphony No. 3, West Coast PicturesBela Bartok – Suite for pianoErnest Bloch – Israel Symphony, String Quartet No. 1Claude Debussy – Sonata for flute, viola and harpFrederic Delius – Cello sonataGeorge Enescu – Trio for pianoAlexander Glazunov – musical painting „The Karelian Legend"Jesus Guridi – Una aventura de Don QuixotePaul Hindemith – Cello Concerto in E flat major, opus 3Ludwig Holm – for violin and orchestra in G majorCharles Ives – Fourth SymphonyErkki Melartin – Symphony No. 5 in A minor „Sinfonia brevis", opus 90Hubert Perry – Church Hymn „Jerusalem"Siegfried Salomon – Concerto for violin and orchestra in G minorIgor Stravinsky – ballet „A tale about a fox, a rooster, a cat and a ram"Heitor Villa-Lobos – the second sonata for cello.PersonalitiesWere bornJanuary 4 – American jazz musician Slim Gaillard (d. 1991)January 9 – American television and film composer Vic Mizzy (d. 2009)January 14 – American R&B musician, arranger and sound producer Maxwell Davis (d. 1970)January 15 – American jazz bassist Artie Shapiro (d. 2003)January 16 – English mathematician Rudolph Benes, who developed a way to record dance movements (d. 1975)January 22 – French composer Henri DutilleuFebruary 5 – Puerto Rican singer and composer Daniel Santos (d.1992)February 8 – English jazz musician Jimmy Skidmore (d.1998)February 22 – Cuban composer Pedro Junco (d. 1939)February 29 – American actress, singer and television personality Dina Shore (d. 1994)March 6 – American jazz musician en: Red Callender (d. 1992)March 15 – jazz band leader Harry James (d. 1983)March 17 – English singer, drummer and orchestra leader Ray Ellington (d. 1985)April 11 – Argentine composer Alberto Ginastera (d. 1983)April 12 – American film composer Russell Garcia (d. 2011)April 14 – British composer en: Denis ApIvor (d. 2004)April 15 – American musician and orchestra leader Lee Vincent (d. 2007)April 22 – American violinist and conductor Yehudi Menuhin (d. 1999)April 30 – American conductor Robert Shaw (d. 1999)May 6 – American actress and singer Adriana Caselotti, voiced Snow White in the classic Disney cartoon (d.1997)May 9 – English organist and composer Bernard Rose (d.1996)May 10 – American composer, music theorist and educator Milton Babbitt (d. 2011)May 17 – American jazz tenor saxophonist Paul Quinichett (d. 1983)May 21 – Mexican-American singer and guitarist Lydia Mendoza (d. 2007)May 26 – Blind American singer, drummer, composer and poet, inventor of several Moondog musical instruments (d. 1999)June 15 – Afro-Argentine pianist, composer and tango arranger, orchestra leader Horacio SalganJune 17 – Finnish composer Einar Englund (d. 1999)June 26 – Italian opera baritone Giuseppe Taddei (d. 2010)July 9New Zealand-British Salvation Army composer Dean Goffin (d. 1984)organist and conductor, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Edward Heath (d. 2005)July 16 – American musician, businessman and intelligence agent Miles Copeland, Jr. (d. 1991)July 24 – American singer and Bob Eberley (d. 1981)July 28 – Australian opera mezzo-soprano Rosina Reisbeck (d. 2006)July 29 – American swing and jazz guitarist Charlie Christian (d. 1942)August 3 – African American composer Claude Demetrius (d. 1988)August 18 – English pianist Moore Limpani (d. 2005)August 21 – American singer-songwriter Bill Lee (d. 1980)August 24 – Franco-Italian poet, translator, singer and composer Leo Ferré (d. 1993)August 25 – Canadian violinist and conductor Ethel Stark (d. 2012)August 27 – American singer and actress Martha Rae (d. 1994)September 8 – Cuban-American pianist, composer and orchestra leader en: René Touzet (d. 2003)September 13 – Argentinian-American singer and actor Dick Haymes (d. 1980)September 16 – Indian music singer Carnatic en: MS Subbulakshmi (d. 2004)October 3 – American songwriter David Mann (d. 2002)19 octoberSwedish composer and conductor Karl Birger Bloomdahl (d.1968)Ukrainian pianist Emil Gilels (d. 1985)October 28 – American jazz trombonist Bill Harris (d. 1973)October 29 – American pianist, singer and composer Hadda Brooks (d. 2002)November 6 – American trombonist and band leader Ray Conniff (d. 2002)November 10 – American trumpeter, composer and arranger Billy May (d. 2004)December 11 – Cuban singer, organist and pianist, composer, jazz orchestra leader, „King of Mambo" Perez Prado (d. 1989)December 15thAmerican jazz pianist, orchestra leader Buddy Cole (d. 1964)Norwegian singer, dancer and actress Greta Gynt (d.2000)December 18 – American actress, singer and dancer, Hollywood musical star Betty Grable (d. 1973)December 25American swing and jazz guitarist Oscar Moore (d.1981)Venezuelan singer and actress Graciela Naranjo (d.2001)December 27 – American jazz violinist and bassist Johnny Frigo (d. 2007) Date unknownSwedish organist and composer Jan Hakan AbergAmerican jazz and blues saxophonist Sam Taylor (d. 1980)jazz trumpet player Freddie Webster (d. 1947)Passed awayJanuary 16 – American composer Charles A. Zimmerman (born 1861)January 21 – and opera producer George Musgrove (born 1854)February 4 – Belgian cellist, composer, conductor and teacher Adolphe Biarent (b. 1871)February 5 – English opera tenor Francesco (b. 1853/1855)February 20 – Opera tenor and singing teacher Giovanni Sbrilli (born 1832)March 7 – Danish guitarist Jose Ferrer (b. 1835)March 24 – Spanish composer and pianist Enrique Granados (b. 1867)May 11 – German composer, conductor, pianist, organist and teacher Max Reger (b. 1873)may 13American soprano Clara Louise Kellogg (b. 1842)Scottish Gaelic soprano Jesse MacLachlan (born 1866)May 28 – Polish musicologist and composer Albert Lavignak (born in 1846)June 5 – Songwriter Mildred J. Hill (born 1859)June 10 – Austrian pianist and composer Max Vogrich (born 1852)August 2 – Scottish romantic composer, conductor and teacher Hamish McCann (b. 1847)August 5 – English composer George Butterworth (born 1885) (killed in action)August 8 – German musician and composer Franz Eckert (born in 1852)September 10 – pianist, conductor and composer Friedrich Gernsheim (b. 1839)September 15 – Austro-Hungarian composer, conductor and musician of Czech origin Julius Fucik (born in 1872)November 2 – German pianist, singer, piano teacher and composer Marie Wieck (b. 1832)November 23 – Czech and Russian conductor and composer Eduard (born 1839)November 24 – English composer, pianist and music educator John Francis Barnett (b. 1837)December 2 – Italian singer, composer and music teacher Francesco Paolo Tosti (b. 1846)December 5 – Austro-Hungarian Opera and Symphony Conductor Hans Richter (b. 1843)December 20 – American composer William Gilchrist (b. 1846)December 28 – Austrian composer and conductor Eduard Strauss, composer (b. 1835)December 31 – German composer and music teacher Ernst Rudorf (born in 1840)Date unknown – African American author and vaudeville singer Charlie Keyes (year of birth unknown)


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