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Old baths (Vieux bains) – a of buildings located in the Lower City of Provins (Seine-et-Marne department) at Rue Moulin de la Ruelle, house number 7. Since December 23, 1981, the oldest buildings are included in the register of historical monuments in France.The complex includes the buildings of the baths of the XII-XIV centuries, the buildings of the XV century, as well as the city mansion of the XVIII century and the entrance gate of the same period. Two vaulted halls with columns and the remains of murals, located in the oldest building, have survived from the Middle Ages.Public city baths existed on this site as far back as the 12th century. In 1256 they came to a ruined state. In 1309, King Louis X, being in the city, ordered repair work to be carried out here. During this period, the territory was paved with Parisian stone, stoves and boilers for heating water were also installed. Baths were popular among the population of Provins, in addition to recreation, visitors were treated here, using the healing power of water and medical techniques of that time.It is known that in 1311, during its heyday, the baths were rented for 240 livres.The is currently privately owned. After reconstruction in 2004, the B&B was opened here Demeure des Vieux Bains…


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