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Transfiguration Cathedral – the temple of the Odessa diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the city of Bolgrad. An architectural monument of national importance.StoryThe cathedral was built in 1833-1838 by the project of the architect Abraham Melnikov at the expense of the Bulgarian community of the city. After the completion of the construction, Emperor Nicholas I presented the with 12 bells of different sounds. The interior was painted by Pavel Piskarev in 1912-1914.On January 26, 2012, the cathedral was damaged in a fire and lost its dome. The cause of the fire has not been established. It is assumed that it could be the negligence of the workers who carried out the repairs, or arson. In Bulgaria, a fundraising campaign has been launched for the restoration of the cathedral. By the summer of 2015, the dome and roof were restored. Since October 10, 2016, the rector of the cathedral is Turlak. By the summer of 2018, the painting was restored and the iconostasis was restored and gilded. The budget funds, allegedly allocated for the restoration of the cathedral after the fire, were not actually received. All the work was paid for from the personal funds of the church church teacher Igor Ivanovich Plokhoy. On September 30, 2018, the great consecration of the restored cathedral took place, led by Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev, with the participation of more than 15,000 guests.


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