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Various deformations can occur in the foundation during the operation of . Cracks may appear on the walls, façade and plinth. The reconstruction of the foundation is mandatory if such signs appear. The base of the building needs strengthening. The reasons for the deformation of the foundation can be different. The specific amplification method is selected depending on them.The destruction of the base can occur due to:• freezing of clay soils;
• displacement of load-bearing walls inside the house, significant redevelopment;
?? errors;
• violations of technological work;
• errors in load calculations;
• increased soil moisture (floods, floods, and the like);
• raising the level of groundwater;
• natural disasters;
• provision of vibrating loads.The destruction of the structure can continue after the repair, if the reconstruction of the foundation is not done. All efforts will be in vain. Drainage or drainage must be provided if an increase in groundwater was the cause of the destruction of the base. It is necessary to consult a specialist if the reasons for the deformation of the base are not clear. They will give competent advice on the reconstruction and strengthening of the foundation. Strengthening and repairing the base can only be started after finding out the reasons.The choice of the method that will be used for strengthening depends on the state of the foundation and the building itself. Pile and tape bases are the to work with. The reconstruction technology can be different. A complete replacement of the foundation can be carried out, for example, when it comes to a building made of wood. They pick it up and carry out all the necessary work. Using this method for buildings made of brick or stone will not work.It is enough to simply repair cracks in the base if they are minor. To do this, you can use a mortar of three parts sand and one part cement. The causes of subsidence of the base should be eliminated if the deformations are significant. A cement solution is poured into the formed voids, if soil leaching caused destruction. Such a solution compacts and permeates the earth, and does not simply fill the voids with itself. It can also be a waterproofing layer.Additional bored piles are installed during the reconstruction of strip foundations under buildings with a large mass. The distance between the new piles is about ten centimeters.


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