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X-45 – an experimental multipurpose UAV. The first flight was performed in 2002. During the first flight lasting 14 minutes, an altitude of 2500 m and a speed of 360 km per hour were reached. The X-45A took off from Edwards Air Force Base, California and landed at NASA’s Dryden Research Center. Two Kh-45A models were built. The last flights of these devices were out in 2005, after which the UAVs were transferred to museums.The Pentagon plans to use systems based on the X-45 to solve two problems:suppression of the system (as they say in the United States, the task of the first day of the war);striking targets covered by defense.In both cases, it is planned to use drones for immediate action at remote theaters of operations (the set time for deploying the system at any airfield on the planet is 32 hours, the readiness for takeoff after the transfer is 75 minutes).The first of three planned X-45C aircraft was scheduled for in 2006, with demonstration capabilities slated for early 2007. The X-45C program received $ 767 million from DARPA in October 2004 for the construction and testing of three aircraft. As of March 2, 2006, the United States Air Force decided to stop funding the X-45 project. However, Boeing suggested that the US Navy create a demonstration version of the X-45N based on the X-45.


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