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240 (until 1988 – series S 499.0) Is a four-axle AC electric locomotive (25 kV) used by the railways of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria.The prototype of this series (as well as the 489.0 series) was the six-axle electric locomotive ChS4 (factory series 52E), manufactured at the Š enterprise named after VI Lenin in the city of Pilsen since 1965 for delivery to the USSR. For use in Czechoslovakia, the capacity of a six-axle electric locomotive was excessive, so a was developed.As in ChS4, the body of the E 499.0 electric locomotive was of a frame-braced structure with fiberglass skin. The driver’s cabs had panoramic glazing. The spotlight was installed above the windshields. On the bumper bar there are bumpers and a screw coupling. The is entered through the doors in the driver’s cab.The first 70 electric locomotives were manufactured in 1968, another 50 in 1969. These electric locomotives were sent to locomotive depots in Pilsen, Cheb and Ceske Budejovice in what is now the Czech Republic, as well as in Bratislava and Nové Zamky in what is now Slovakia. Then another 25 electric locomotives were manufactured to service passenger express trains between the cities of Bratislava and Kutna Hora, Zvolen – Nove Zamky.


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