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(Alb. Malet e Sharrit, Planina, Serb. – ?? mountain") or Shar-Dag (tur. Şar Dağ) is a mountain range on the Balkan Peninsula. The main part is located in North Macedonia and Serbia, a small part is in Albania. It stretches from northeast to southwest for 75 km. The highest peaks are Titov-Vrh (2748 m) and Turchin (2702 m). In the southern part, the mountain system continues with the ranges of Korabi (2764 m), Bistra (2163 m), Yablanitsa (2257 m) and Galichitsa (2254 m) with a total length of 160 km.The constituent rocks: crystalline shale, limestone, dolomite. There are karst landscapes. The slopes of the mountains are covered with mixed forests, above 2000 m there are mountain meadows. On the territory of Kosovo, within the Shar mountains, the Shar Planina national park is organized, in which the relict Balkan pine grows, and also inhabits: lynx, brown bear, chamois, wolf, roe deer, wild boar and other animals. On the Macedonian side, part of the Shara territory is part of the Mavrovo National Park.Most of the mountains are dendrized by the tributaries of the White and Black Drin, the eastern part – by the tributaries of the Vardar River. Alpine skiing and rock climbing are developing in the Shar massif. Chromium ore is mined at the foot of the mountains. Mountain meadows are used for pastures, especially for sheep. The region of the mountains is particularly noted for the production of cheese.Major cities: Prizren (Republic of Kosovo / Serbia), Tetovo and Gostivar (North Macedonia). The Shar mountains are depicted on the coat of arms of the city of Skopje and on its flag.In antiquity, the mountains were called Scard (Scardon, ancient Greek Σκάρδον ὄρος).


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