Penelope Three (eng. Penelope Tree; b. 1949) – English model of the 1960s, which became popular in the era called Swinging London.BiographyEarly lifeDaughter of the journalist, openly bisexual Ronald Three (1897 – 1976) and his wife Marietta Peabody (1917 – 1991), socialite and political activist. Also related to tycoon Marshall Field.CareerAt the age of 13, she starred in the first professional photo shoot with Diana Arbus. In 1966, Richard Avedon and Cecil Beaton offered her .In 1967, Three partnered with fashion photographer David Bailey, who was officially married to at the time. A year later, she leaves New York and moves with her lover to London, where her career is very successful. London, which in the 1960s was the capital of world fashion, has a girl with a strange specific appearance. Three’s career soared to the heights at rocket speed. Her chiseled cheekbones, lower eyelashes and geometric makeup rivaled the iconic Twiggy.She has often been compared to The Beatles in terms of influence, the 1960s movement and the generation of young American women. Once in an interview, John Lennon was asked what he thinks about Penelope Three. „Hot, hot, hot, smart, smart, smart!" – he exclaimed.They lived together with Bailey for eight years, but their relationship never ended up in marriage. In 1974, Penelope broke up with him and after that began to gradually move away from the modeling business. Tri later married South African rocker Ricky Fataar, a member of The Flames, The Rutles and Beach Boys. She and her husband appeared in the 1978 British comedy film All You Need Is Cash, which pokes fun at Beatlemania. The marriage was not the most successful, but ended for the girl with a serious skin ailment on a nervous basis, but gave her daughter Paloma. A few years later, she will become a mother again, giving birth to a son from psychotherapist Stuart McFarlane.Life after careerSince then, Penelope Three has become a family man and community leader, supporting women around the world. Three is also the patroness of Lotus Outreach, a philanthropic foundation that works in Cambodia in partnership with local women’s organizations to give girls from the poorest families a means of schooling.


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