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Product Description
S/F dual-layer oil storage tank is more safety, environmental protection and economically, S means steel for inner tank which contacts with oil fuel, like petroleum, diesel etc, F means FRP for outer shell which contacts with soil, it is corrosion resist, isolation etc, S/F dual-layer oil storage tank manufactured with professional equipments, and there is interlay clearance between internal steel layer and external FRP layer, high-precision inspection device is connected with the interlayer clearance, monitoring the leakage all the time.

1.1Internal layer- made by Q235 steel plate with 6-8mm thickness.
1.2External layer-fiberglass reinforced layer, it鈥檚 thickness is 鈮?mm, It possess excellent property such as compression resistant, shock resistant, corrosion resistant and electrochemical corrosion resistant.
1.3The interlayer space is formed by sole technology, the leakage detector keeps 24 hours monitoring, to avoid the hidden trouble absolutely.
2.Environmental protection
2.1The external FRP layer can prevent the contamination of the soil and water source from the leakage.
2.2The external FRP layer will not generate electrochemical reaction with underground water or salt water.
2.3The external FRP lamination can't produce chemical reaction with gasoline, diesel and gasoline including lead.
2.4The installation of the leakage detector is convenient, just put the sensor into monitoring pipe. The output will be connected with monitor device and power source, and then can keep the monitoring for 24hours.
2.5It is very convenient to check and maintain the leakage monitoring system, and protect the soil and water ecological environment.
3.Economic practically
3.1.The service life of the S/F dual-layer oil storage tank is 3锝? times of the common single layer oil tank, at least 30 years. The convenient installation can shorten the construction period and decrease the investment.
3.2 Remote monitor system is convenient to the daily and periodic inspection and test, the digital control can release the complicated manual operation.
Company Introduction
Henan Jian Shen Metal Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, located in the birthplace of Oracle-the hometown of the World Cultural Heritage Yin ruins. The company is located in North Mongolia Industrial Park North 107 National Road Ku River.we hastermediate gas equipment pressure vessel professional engineering and technical personnel, set R & D, manufacturing, installation,trade as one. The company has established a sound quality assurance system, the whole process of technical supervision and inspection, product quality Fuel Tank Series


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