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It’s complete list of Formula 1 pilots since 1950.A total of 910 different drivers have taken part in at least one Grand Prix, but 144 of them never started the race, usually because they failed pre-race qualifications (see List of Formula 1 Drivers Who Never Raced). Rubens Barrichello took part in the largest number of Grand Prix, he performed in 326 Grand Prix (322 races).Until 1990, not all the points that the pilot received were counted towards the (see the scoring system in Formula 1) – the number of points not in parentheses indicates those that went into the championship; the number in brackets indicates the total score.Italic the pilots who took part only in the Indianapolis-500, which was included in the 1950-1960s in the Formula 1 World Championship, are designated. World bold font. A separate table lists the competitors for the current World Championship. Information about reserve pilots, in some Grand Prix who took part only in Friday races (which was allowed by the rules since 2003), is collected in a separate table at the end of the general list of pilots.Data is as of after Abu Dhabi 2017, and the drivers of the current season are after Italy 2018.Active pilots of Formula 1 As of 10/14/2019Former Formula 1 DriversABVGDFZANDThTOLMNOPRWITHTHaveFXHShEYUI AMFriday pilotsBy countryRacers from 39 different countries took part in the championship. The greatest number of pilots is represented in the championship in Great Britain, 161 riders competed for this country. The second largest country by the number of riders, the USA, is represented by 156 riders, the third, Italy, – 99 riders. Nine of these 39 countries were represented in the very first race of the 1950 British Grand Prix. Indonesia was the last to join the list of represented countries, with Rio Haryanto making his debut at the 2016 Prix. As of March 31, 2019


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