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Research Institute of Computing Complexes (NIIVK) – a Russian company that studies methods of real-time processing of radar, hydroacoustic and other signal information for solving seismic or geophysical problems, as well as the development of hardware and software support for information systems for complex transport complexes, security systems and uninterruptible power supply, solar power plants.The NIIVK team has developed, introduced into production and supported high-performance computers and complexes at the sites, which have been serially produced for more than 30 years. These machines are equipped with a number of critical special-purpose systems, many of which are still in operation.The founder of the Company is the for State Property Management.StoryThe collective of the future institute began to form in the 1950s as part of the electrical systems laboratory of the Energy Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences (ENIN), where one of the first automatic digital computers in the Soviet Union, M-1, was created. The head of the laboratory was Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of I.S.Bruk.A young talented engineer, a graduate of the radio engineering faculty of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute M.A.Kartsev worked in this laboratory. For the M-1, he designed a control device – the Main Programming Sensor (GPE). When creating the next M-2 machine in 1952-1953, Kartsev already headed a group of engineers and was a recognized leader in .In 1957, Kartsev’s team was assigned to Special Laboratory No. 2, which, by orders of the Ministry of Defense, begins work on the creation of computing tools for solving problems of controlling radars and processing information received from them in the missile attack warning system (EWS).In 1967, in order to accelerate the development of the early warning system, it was decided to create specialized computers. For this task, on the basis of Special Laboratory No. 2, an independent institute was organized – the Research Institute of Computing Complexes (NIIVK). It was headed by M.A.Kartsev. Under his leadership, four generations of computers (M-4, M-4-2M, M-10, M-13) were created, which surpassed other domestic computers in terms of technical characteristics and were at the level of the best foreign counterparts of their time.In addition to specialized computers for the defense complex, NIIVK developed consumer goods. In 1981-1982, a group of specialists from the institute created the first Soviet personal computer „Agat". At that time in the USSR there were no computer components suitable for household use, and specialized factories did not want to deal with an „incomprehensible and frivolous" product. Therefore, the first „Agatas" were assembled by NIIVK installers. The employees of the institute took seriously the development of personal computers and were actively engaged in their propaganda. One of the cars was transferred to the clinic of Svyatoslav Fedorov. In 1984 „Agat" was presented at the international exhibition CeBIT. In the same year, it was transferred to industrial production at LEMZ, and in 1985 – at EWT.NIIVK’s developments were awarded the USSR State Prizes, many employees of the Institute were awarded orders and medals of the USSR. In 1986, the institute was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.In 1993 the institute was named after M.A.Kartsev.


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