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Shingles are arguably one of the easiest building materials to install. However, when laying it, it is necessary to follow strictly defined and precise installation rules. It is important to take care of the correct number of roofing nails and their placement so that the tiles are firmly fixed to the plane and do not leak. Precisely hammered roofing nails, which can be bought on the website, affect the reliability of shingles. Moreover, their use is required by international quality standards.What should be the correct roofing nails?When installing shingles, roofing nails are used to fix the canvas, lay a waterproofing substrate, and also to create additional holding force for the slabs. There are different types of roofing nails available in the market in different sizes and materials.The roofing nail must have the following minimum dimensions:diameter of the nail shank – 2.7 mm;head – 9.5 mm.In addition, roofing nails should have a serrated shaft along the entire length to the head; this prevents slipping and detaching or leaking on the roof. The larger nail head and thicker shank a better grip. All nails must be of corrosion-resistant materials such as zinc plated by various methods such as aluminum, copper or stainless steel.How to choose the length of your roofing nails?Roofing nails should be long enough to penetrate the roofing material and 19mm into OSB, solid wood, plywood or non-laminated underlays, whichever you choose for the installation. To determine the length of the nail, it is necessary to take into account the number of layers of tiles, the thickness of the bitumen, the types of roofing work, etc.In some situations it is permissible to use nails with less penetration, provided that additional nails are used. This is a solution for garden houses, sheds or open slabs where the thickness of the roof board is 18-20 mm. Please check your building codes, codes and related regulations, and consult with a professional on this matter.AdviceHead nails with a diameter of 30 mm should be used to install thicker tiles such as multi-layer tiles. When replacing the roof (laying tiles on top of the old covering) or installing the angle and ridge, the length of the nails must be at least 35 mm.


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