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Ispaysay – mountain river (sai) in Bostanlyk district of Tashkent region, Republic of Uzbekistan – left tributary of the Pskem river.DescriptionIspaysay flows down from the northwestern slopes of the Pskem ridge, flows mainly in the northwestern direction. In the upper reaches of the river there are snow fields that do not melt all year round. Near the mouth of Ispaysay is the village of Ispay, to which part of the river’s water is diverted.The valley is narrow and deep. In the upper and middle reaches, the walls of the valley are rocky, in the lower there are terraces above the floodplain. The of the watercourse runs along the bottom of the valley, the width of the channel is 3-4 meters, the banks are the slopes of the valley. Water discharge is typical for a mountain river, the highest water rise is observed in March-April, in winter water consumption is minimal. The upper reaches of the Ispaysay cover a large area. The left sources flow from the Surkhat tract, the right ones from the Piyozak mountain. The passes of Ispay, Padar, Abdar and others lead to the gorges of other tributaries of the Pskem and Koksu rivers.Due to the high humidity, the valley and the surrounding slopes are with thickets of junipers, birches, mountain apples and walnuts.Human assimilation Bridge over the Pskem river near the village of Ispay.In addition to the already mentioned village of Ispay, the Ispaysaya valley is used for grazing livestock and housing apiaries. Ispaysaya gorge is located on the left bank of Pskem, near the village of Ispay, from the road 4K795, across the Pskem river there is an automobile bridge.In the fall of 2017, in the vicinity of Ispaysay, the construction of a station began on the Pskem River, which will be part of the Chirchik-Bozsuu cascade of hydroelectric power stations.TourismIspaysay is located in the border zone, which imposes restrictions on its visit. Due to the ramification of the Ispaysaya valley, a number of tourist routes pass through it. Routes that touch the gorges of other rivers (Kaptarkumush – a tributary of the Pskem, Minjilki and Airyk – tributaries of the Koksu) require 3-5 days to overcome, as well as an appropriate level of tourist training.On the rocky sections of the Ispaysaya gorge, outings and placement of mountaineering camps were carried out.


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