Kuusiku (Est. Kuusiku) – a village in Rapla parish, Raplaa county, .GeographyLocated 5 kilometers south-west of the county and parish center – the city of Rapla, in the upper reaches of the Vigala River. Height above sea level – 59 meters.PopulationAccording to the 2011 census, 171 people lived in the village, of which 155 (90.6%) are Estonians.Population of the Kuusiku settlement according to the Statistics Department:StoryThe settlement got its name from the Kuusiku manor, first mentioned in 1467 as Saage; received settlement status in 1977. In the same year, the former settlement was merged with the Kuusiku settlement. Green Street Soviet military base Kuusiku. to KuusikuIn 1939, the construction of a Soviet military airfield began in the Kuusiku area. In August 1941, a bloody battle took place in Kuusiku between the defenders of the airfield and the advancing German troops. The place of death of the 61st serviceman is marked with a memorial stone.The retreating Soviet troops were unable to take all the ammunition with them and buried it. When the drainage system was rebuilt in 1966, bombs were found in the work area and work was partially suspended. At the same time, Rapla received a letter from the Russian Far East, sent by one of the military veterans who fought in 1941 in Kuusiku, who was worried that the buried ammunition could become dangerous for the local population. The up 25 years later from memory turned out to be quite accurate and provided great assistance in demining the area. The new airfield was built north of the previous one after the war and is currently used by the Tallinn Flying Club (est. Tallinna lennuklubi).InfrastructureKuusiku has a kindergarten and a library. The village is home to the meteorological station of the Estonian Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology.


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