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Maloekaterinovka – a farm in the Matveyevo-Kurgan district of the Rostov region.It is part of the settlement.GeographyStreetsst. Youth,st. Central,per. Mail,per. Berry.StoryThe Evangelical-Lutheran German village of Klein-Yekaterinovka was founded in 1892. Two years earlier, the regional peasant presence received a decree from the regional administration of the Don army about „the correct formation of German colonies in the Taganrog and Rostov districts and the establishment of rural police power." The document noted that „all these settlements were arranged at the discretion of the owners without the permission of the authorities", that „plans for these colonies were not drawn up by anyone."Probably, the Germans from the central and Volga provinces resettled spontaneously, which caused the discontent of the military chieftain: in 1887, he demanded that the regional government figure out „with whose permission and when these colonies were formed, who allowed the German settlers to name their settlements in the German way."In 1890, by means of a decree, ?? government finds it necessary to subordinate them to the general order of administration with the assignment of Russian names to all settlements …". Then it was once again emphasized: „… to assign Russian names to settlements and individual dachas."After that, a work was launched: first, to collect information about the colonist settlements, their names, location and origin, and then the issues of administrative subordination and the assignment of new names were already considered. The list of German colonies was only compiled on November 28, 1902. In the Yekaterinovskaya volost, Klein-Yekaterinovka was renamed Malo-Yekaterinovka. However, until the outbreak of World War I, the colonies still had German names. At the beginning of the war, the tsarist government declared a struggle with German names: so, first of all, the capital of the empire, the city of St. Petersburg, was renamed Petrograd. The settlers of the German colonies were declared representatives of a nation hostile to Russia, they were deprived of the rights to own land and real estate.Until the Great Patriotic War, the farm was located on the territory of the Malo-Yekaterinovka village of the Yekaterinovsky village council. After the liberation of the village from German troops in 1943, the Telman state farm was formed.Population


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